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In 2011, my last year of working full time, I billed my clients for a total of $1,826,445. Nearly TWO MILLION dollars. And I didn’t have to work crazy hours or rush out in the middle of the night for emergency calls or sell any over-priced or unnecessary treatments. In fact that year I only worked four days a week — for 37.5 weeks of the year. And, I’ve been hitting numbers like that since 1996. Most days I bring in over $10,000.00 per day.

In short, I’ve discovered and perfected a system for my dental practice that has created (and SUSTAINED) a massive boost in my ability to make money. And, it’s all to do with how I treat my clients.

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Right now I’m booking new dentist clients for my Ultimate Patient Experience program. This is the course I’ve been teaching for the past five years to help fellow dentists — people just like you — make the same subtle changes to the way they work…

And swiftly, radically increase the amount of money your practice makes…and which ultimately flows into your bank account and dictates your quality of life. This has nothing to do with equipment, staff numbers, location or education. It requires only that you follow my specific instructions in how you relate to your clients on the PERSONAL level.

Which is why I’m 100% confident that your practice has the very same potential to start doing much, MUCH better. To make sure it does — and to show you, in good faith — why I’m absolutely sure you could generate at least another $100,000 a year without actually having to GROW your practice…

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You can — and will — increase your profits higher than your peers would dare to imagine!

Listen, no offence, but as a dentist, you’re not an expert at business. We’re trained to be exceptionally good at helping our patients keep their teeth in top condition. Our sphere of knowledge is by nature focused intensely on the job at hand.

Which is why you probably can’t see the problems preventing your practice from making you tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars more… Even though they’re staring you in the face! That’s why I’m offering an hour of my time today. Because I’ve spent more than two decades working out the PERFECT formula for transforming your practice from ‘any old dentist’ to a place your patients will adore visiting, paying premium prices for, and heartily recommend you to their friends as the BEST dentist they have ever seen. Like I said…it doesn’t matter where you’re based, how big your practice is, or how long you’ve been a dentist.

Schedule your strategy session with me now and I will show you how easy it is to get started.

YES! Book my free 60-minute strategy session

Here’s what I’m offering you today (absolutely free, ZERO obligations)

Book a free strategy session with me today and I’ll show you…

From 60K to 150K a month: I’ll show you how you can take the same simple steps that enabled one of my students to EXPLODE their revenue from a respectable $60,000 a month to a staggering $150,000 a month (more than TWICE what they thought the business was capable of…)

A stress-free system for reinventing your practice: Every dentist, practice and patient is different. During your strategy session we’ll drill down to the core of YOUR specific business and focus on how to tailor my system and strategies to work in your particular circumstances.

How to make your patients feel like stars: More easy (but crucial) techniques you can start using right now to massively improve your patients’ experience when they visit your practice. What you’ve learned in your free report is really just the tip of the iceberg…

YES! Book my free 60-minute strategy session

These dentists were once in the exact same position you are right now…

‘I was a client of David’s coaching for over two years and in that time have been able to more than double the turnover of my practice, grow and develop my team and wean my patients off me be being the only person they wanted to interact with and allowing my team to take a more supportive and active role in the office.’

‘Our patient base has grown and we pride ourselves on being ahead of our game when it comes to customer service and care. The keys to success are a willingness to take action, know your numbers and train your team.

‘David comes from within the profession so his ‘been there done that’ approach means he really understands the pressures of dentistry, the pitfalls and the way to succeed.’

— Dr. Rachel HallKenmore, Queensland

‘I have implemented the method. It works! It might be awkward in the beginning, but after you master it, you reap the benefits.’

— Jasmine LanderosSan Diego, California.

‘You provided me with some very useful actions I am able to implement immediately to start this journey. Looking for guidance on how to make your dental practice more profitable? Listen to Dr. David Moffet and his innovative solutions.’

— Ronni Manoa-HofbauerToorak, Victoria

‘I now realize that our lost patients are not necessarily leaving us to see a cheaper dentist or that they have lack of concern or motivation, but we have failed to deliver the higher level of customer service.’

— Dr. Ian YiannakisMidland, Western Australia

Give your clients the Ultimate Patient Experience…and watch the extra dollars flow into your practice

If you’d told me when I started out in dentistry that I’d one day be clearing $10,000 a day. Or that I’d end up selling my practice for 2.75M.

And that I’d have clients willing to fly out from Shanghai and London twice a year because they don’t want to see any dentist but me. I would have laughed in your face. Today, I’m not laughing.

I’m seriously telling you, right now, that you can achieve what I have. And, you can do it faster and smarter than I ever did (I had to learn all this stuff from the ground up…

I literally wrote the book). If you’re struggling to make the sort of money you deserve — and you want to take action to positively change your situation — then this is for you.

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Dr. David Moffet

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