2017. The Year For Improving Your Customer Service Systems.

As we begin 2017 it’s appropriate to look at the whole reason for wanting to engage in exemplary service in your business.

The reason is, because if you do not strive for greatness and for excellence, then you are accepting mediocrity and that’s not a very nice place to be coming from.

A friend of mine says that fifty percent of all dentists are below average.

And who wants to be known as being below average?

In fact, who wants to be known for being only average?

Customer Service expert Shep Hyken says:

“The customer service experience shouldn’t happen by accident. It should be planned.”

He says:

“The best companies design the customer service experience.”

A lot of small businesses, including dental practices, do not have a customer service system in place.

A lot of dental practices do not even have a detailed Standard Operating Procedures [SOP] manual in place for all of the routine procedures that go on in a Dental Office.

You have to wonder that if they don’t even have a written down policy guide for setting things up in their dental practice, then what the heck goes on whenever there is a hiccup in the customer service processes for that business?

Do they just wing it and hope that it somehow turns out OK?

Sadly, that seems to be the case in most instances.

And guess what happens?

The end result is never optimal.

Because the end result is achieved on the run.
Backpedalling, most of the time.

And that’s amateurish at best.

And more often than not it finishes in a poor result for both the practice and for the patient.

Because failing to plan is planning to fail.

So How Do We Fix This?

Obviously you need guidance.

You could buy a book?

Or you could attend a workshop, or listen to a CD?

And like learning piano I would say:

“If only the answer was simply that easy…”

Books and CDs and workshops will provide you with some ideas.

It is then up to you to implement those ideas and turn them into a system and then train and keep training your team until the necessary behaviours for your team members become a habit and a reality rather than a thought or a memory  only.

But most of the time this never gets done.

And so the team stumbles onwards, blindly hoping to be doing “their best”, but really, “best” is pretty ordinary…

And so who then accepts second best?

Or is it ever even second?

Sometimes it’s second only by placing but not by achievement of level.

In customer service, often it’s daylight second and then a long way back to third.

And why should our valued clients, customers and friends be believing that this low level of customer service is anywhere near acceptable?

They do accept it because often it is taken as the “norm”.

And this is why being better than the norm allows your business to stand out as being exemplary in the world of customer service.

Because most of the time, nobody out there is doing anything at all….

And so being better than bad is seen as being good.

Well imagine how well received your business would be if you were indeed great or world class?

And not just occasionally…

But always.

Because you had systems and protocols that your team lived, ate and breathed each and every moment.


You see, it’s so much more than just one little thing.

It’s a culture.

There’s plenty of room at the top of the mountain for those willing to make the choice to climb the mountain.

But not many are willing to do what it takes to get there…


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