A Smart Man Knows When To Seek Help

One of the most important principles of being in business is finding out what your customers are wanting and then over-delivering to those customers in spades.

Under-delivering and failing to deliver to your valued customers is a sure-fire way to ensure that your business always struggles….  and why would anyone want to do business that way?

It logically makes sense that nobody out there in their right mind would sabotage or self-sabotage their business, subjecting their business to unnecessary pressures and hurdles that delay or hinder the growth of that business.

And yet people do get in the way of their business’s success.

And some employees will also set out to deliberately inhibit the growth of the business that employs them.

But for why?

What’s wrong with these people?

I’d much rather work in a business that is motoring along fine than in a business that is continually looking for that next customer in order to keep the wolves away from the doors.

A business that struggles to survive, and struggles to pay bills and struggles to make payroll and therefore struggles to make profit is not a very motivating place for people to come to work in.

Whereas a business that is profitable with an endless supply of grateful and satisfied customers is a business that is a pleasure for employees to work in.

The dumbest thing I ever see business owners continue to do is to try and work things out for themselves when things aren’t going well, instead of seeking professional help.

Or hoping that things will magically get better on their own for some reason, as if there is some magical force out there that suddenly comes out of nowhere and rescues their business from its problem.

In most things in life, be it business, personal wealth, health, equipment maintenance or gardening, what I’ve found is that doing nothing and hoping for improvement is a certain pathway to failure and disappointment.

It’s a fact of life. Gardens need weeding and pruning. Finances need monitoring. Ailments need attention while they are minor niggles. And equipment and machinery need servicing.

Doing nothing is never the answer.

And hope is a very poor business strategy.

I don’t know about you, but when a warning light comes on on my car dashboard, putting up the hood and taking a look at the engine does not magically shed light on what is causing the problem.

That’s where I need a specialist.

Last week on Sunday on a return trip from Sydney, an engine warning light came on on my wife’s car dashboard.

A quick check of the owner’s manual confirmed the light to be for the emission control system. The manual also warned me to contact my service repair specialist ASAP and to not drive the vehicle.

I investigated YouTube for videos on ways to rectify the problem without incurring significant expense. There did seem to be a way to plug in a device I could go and purchase from Amazon that would override and deactivate the dashboard warning light….

But to me this method looked to be fraught with dangers.

What if the warning light was there to encourage prompt action and to prevent significant serious damage to the engine that might be incurred by failing to take any action?

I phoned my [Sydney based] dealership service department.

Immediately they arranged for complimentary towing of my wife’s car up to Sydney to investigate the problem.

Once they had the car, they were able to easily diagnose the issue, replace some parts, and have the car roadworthy.

And they organised for the car to be re-transported back to me.

To me this process was simple.

The best outcome was achieved by use of logical processes.

Taking action in this way is called Competent Incompetence. I knew what I didn’t know, and because of that, I sought expert advice to solve my problem with minimal delay.

It should be the same process needed to be used by everyone in most situations….

When your body starts acting up, my thoughts are that it is best to seek a doctor’s learned advice and help, rather than ignore those symptoms and hope that things get better. They rarely do.

When people hope that things get better on their own and stumble and bumble on regardless, this is an act of Incompetent Incompetence. It is a result of not knowing what you do not know.

The Incompetent Incompetent must learn to be able to identify their own incompetencies, and take the appropriate actions when needed to become a Competent Incompetent.

When you have the knowledge and can diagnose and fix your own issues, that’s what we call Competent Competence.

In business you need to be able to know what you don’t know…

When you know what you don’t know, you then have the ability to quickly and efficiently seek the right help and move through your periods of difficulty with the least amount of disruption.

There’s nothing smart about taking too long to try and solve things yourself that others can solve and rectify quickly for you.

Especially if the cost of acquiring that solution is way less than what you would earn in the meantime?

Time is our most precious resource of a businessman, and the logical and efficient management of the value of that time is crucial to business success.

The ability to appropriately delegate the solving of issues that we aren’t trained in remedying effectively is one of the greatest assets a business owner can possess.

“Pushing on regardless” is the one of the dumbest things a business owner can do….


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