Always Exceed Your Customers’ Expectations.

How do you provide World Class Customer Service consistently?

The answer is simple.

Always be mindful of trying to exceed the expectations of your customers.

And achieving that goal.

In dentistry, this really is quite simple.

Because the expectation of the customer is to be hurt, and to be in pain.

So giving the customer an experience, any experience that does not cause pain is a win for your office and a win for your patient.

Probably the answer to this question is even better when we frame it in the negative.

And that is:

Never provide your patient with an experience that fails to meet or is worse than what they were expecting. 

It really is that simple.

If you continually exceed the expectations of your customers, and build friendships that are genuine with them, you will create long term relationships with them.

And that’s all that your customers want.

They want to feel engaged, valued and respected.

And that respect, and the feeling of being valued comes simply by spending time with them, listening to their personal stories and investing in who they are as opposed to how much they want to spend in your office.

And if things ever go wrong, or are not to plan, make sure that your service recovery systems are so dynamic that they leave your patients with so much of a feeling of amazement that they marvel at the amount that you and your dental office really care.

Sometimes the acts of recovery are even more impressive to our patients than if we had actually gotten the procedure or protocol right in the first place.

And your patients will appreciate this.

Because it shows them that you really do care about them.

Some people [dental offices] find this difficult to do.

Yes they do.

And therein lies the opportunity.

Find those dentists who are so arrogant, so blazé, and so not invested in their customers, and set up practice as their direct competition.

This is really easy to research.

Every community is screaming out for a caring dentist.

Can you be the one?

If you have what it takes, customers will beat a path to your door and pay you whatever you ask, because they are looking for an experience, not a dental service.

Go forth….


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