America’s Number One Fear. And What We Can Learn From It

Public Speaking.

Two words that strike *FEAR* into the hearts of all human beings.


Jerry Seinfeld tells it best.

He says, the number one fear in America, is Public Speaking.

Number Two, he says, is Death. Or Fear of dying.


He then says, that what this means is that at a funeral, most people would rather be in the coffin than up giving the eulogy.

The silly thing is, that the principles of giving a good public presentation, of writing a speech, of giving a keynote, are the same as the principles of World Class Customer Service.

I had the pleasure this last weekend just gone of attending the 2014 National Speakers Association [NSA] of Australia Annual Convention.

This was my first NSAA convention, and in fact, my first ever NSA meeting or function or presentation.

One of the major things I learned, which I’m going to share with you in a moment, was one of the first things I learned, during what turned out to be just the most amazing four days of information, ideas and abundance and sharing.

Because just as people are scared of the thought of public speaking, I’ve got to say that the thought of being locked into four full days of convention with two hundred or more public speakers, was not really something that I thought I’d ever want to do or experience or put myself through.

So the four days ended up being a progression and procession of light bulb moments going off in my brain.

And what surprised me was that the principles of building a keynote, of conducting a webinar, of pitching yourself on paper, of creating a TED talk, are the same principles that make up the foundations and the core values of providing a World Class Customer Experience in your business.

So here’s my pearl, which fortunately for me, was delivered early on Day 1 by speaker Tim Longhurst. And as a theme, what Tim said, ran like a dominant river throughout the following four days.

Tim said:

“As a presenter, don’t get so caught up in your stuff that you don’t become the custodian of the experience of your audience.”

 He said that it’s about connection with your audience. And that everyone in your audience is wanting you to be successful, because they’re wanting you to make your presentation a memorable experience for them.

Finally, Tim said that Content Is Talk. The world is awash with information. Your audience can get information anywhere.

He said to be inspirational.

Be a point of difference!

Be an experience!

And I agree.

Whether you’re listening to a keynote speech, or whether you’re visiting your dentist, you’re investing your time, and you want a return on that investment.

You want that time to be a memorable experience.

Not just another speech.

Not just another dental visit….

But it does often end up that way.

It does.

It becomes just another dental visit for our patients.

As dentists sometimes, most times, we just get so caught up in going through our own motions. So much so that we fail to connect with our audience, our patients.

We become so engrossed in our own self-importance, in our own wonderful new technology, in our own bright shiny objects that we forget to connect with the heart and mind of the human being whose teeth and gums we are treating at that appointment.

And in so doing, we just start “talking content”.

Dumping information.

Being vanilla.


We fail to connect.

And when we fail to connect we allow ourselves to become a commodity.

Something that our clients and customers can get anywhere.

If we fail to connect, we fail to create a point of difference.

A reason why we are *THE* only dentist for them.

Anywhere. Ever.

That they will travel halfway across town to see.

Halfway across the state.
Halfway around the world.

And they’ll do that, they’ll cover those miles, when you show your clients consistently, that you are not just their dentist.

You are also, and firstly, the Custodian of the Experience of each and every client of your office.

Don’t get so caught up in your stuff. In your equipment, in your news.

Be in your patient’s moment.

Be their experience.

Be a point of difference compared to any other dental office.

Be a point of difference compared to any other business they deal with.

Make their day…


The Ultimate Patient Experience  is a simple to build complete Customer Service system in itself that I developed that allowed me to create an extraordinary dental office in an ordinary Sydney suburb.  If you’d like to know more, ask me about my free special report.

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