Antisocial Behaviours. Are You A Lion Hunter?

As a Dentist, you can’t go out getting drunk in your town and expect to keep a good business.

It’s just common sense.

Likewise, you can’t have deep dark antisocial habits or behaviours that your clients will turn their noses up to.

Today, more than ever, there’s no back stage.

And no secrets.


What we do in private is never private.

It’s the same for our employees.

When they’re working for us, on our meter, we expect them to give us their best.

But we also expect them to uphold our reputation and our standing in the community, by their actions and behaviours away from our office.

We see it with sporting stars all the time.

Off field misdemeanours that bring their club, the game and their sport into disrepute.

Let alone themselves.

Footballers with AVOs against them.

Cricketers caught drunk driving.

Justin Bieber.

Charlie Sheen.

What we do off the field impacts on how the we are perceived when performing our duties.

Down here in Australia the Speaker of the House has now apologised for taking an expensive helicopter ride instead of a Parliamentary car to attend a fundraiser.

An error of judgment?

And of course, there’s the British MP secretly filmed cheating on his wife and sniffing white powder.

Total loss of credibility.

It’s the simple things.

I’ve heard of someone with a suit and tie image being spotted on the weekend by a client out of place at a hardware store, greasy handed, looking for mower parts.
Incongruity created?

The thing is that employment, and respect are earned. They are not a right.

Whether it is us as business owners trying to create that respect from the paying public, who are indeed or clients and our employers, in the true sense of the word…

Or whether it is our own employees, who through actions of their own outside of work hours, who bring our business name into a place or arena that it should not be…

I recently heard of a Medical Practice where the two receptionists would stand outside the Front Entrance smoking and whining, in full view and earshot of visiting patients and clients.

You’d have to believe that these receptionists see their employment as a right and not as a privilege?

That would be the only way of explaining their behaviours.

There are lessons of what NOT to do all around us just waiting for us to see them and take them.

But we have to have our radars up…

So do you?

Do you have behaviours that are “pushing the envelope” and are incongruous with your standing in the community?

And are you employing and tolerating staff behaviours that bring your business reputation down?

It’s time to take stock.

Employment is a privilege, not a right.

Oh and while you’re at it, lion hunting looks like a poor choice….

R.I.P. Cecil.


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