Are All Departments In Your Business On The Same Page?

Michael Gerber defined business in his book “The E Myth”

What he said a business is not, or should not be, is far more important.

Gerber said that just because you are a good technician [a doer of what you do] does not mean that you should be a business owner, because often good technicians simply transition into a business but they end up in a higher paid version of their job.

Because their “perceived business” still relies on them being the technician, as well as co-ordinating a whole pile of ancillary issues that are necessary for the completion of the project, on top of the necessary technician duties.

There is no place that this sort of thing is more evident than in building houses, where a good tradesman does not necessarily a good business owner become.

Co-ordinating other trades to complete the building in a systematic and predictable time frame appears to be a difficult process.

A good friend of mine is building a home at the moment.

She’s having difficulty co-ordinating trades with the builder who has passed on some trades to my friend to organise as PC items [this is where she organises these trades herself]

In the kitchen, the kitchen cabinetry company is installing the mantle above the cooker, but the range hood exhaust, that goes inside the mantle, needs to be installed by an electrician, and not the builder, and not the kitchen company.

And not by my friend either.

My friend is pulling her hair out trying to get the left arm to talk to the right arm.

In her bathroom, my friend has had a similar issue…. The kitchen company has designed and installed two shaving cabinets with mirrors to go inside the wall above the twin sinks and vanity, but they have installed them with no reference to the vanity height and the plumbing placement. This means that the cabinets have had to be removed and repositioned twice, simply because one hand is not talking to the other hand…

In your dental practice are all your team members communicating effectively?

Are your dentists communicating clear next step instructions to patients and to dental assistants and to front office staff so that everybody in the practice is on the same page about the exact next step the patient needs to take?

Or is the dentist simply typing notes into a computer terminal in the treatment room and HOPING that the front office staff might possibly end up with the right result?

Are front office team members booking names into slots and hoping that the dental back office team can somehow make the day productive? Or is the team working as a team to pre-block and template the dental day and the dental week to satisfy the financial needs of the practice?

The problem with owning a dental practice is…

The problem with owning a dental practice is that there’s no course at university that prepares dental students for the forty year career and the various phases of that forty years that they are about to embark upon.

Dental school doesn’t teach marketing and HR and customer service and accounting and stock control… they pass the buck big time.

Leaving graduates to make stuff up as they go along…

These graduates then ask their family [not proven experts] and their mates [not proven experts] and then stumble along and stumble along…quite comically…

It’s an interesting plan…


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