Are These Furphies Choking Your Dental Business?

“It’s the little things that make the big things possible. Only close attention to the fine details of any operation makes the operation first class.” — J. Willard Marriot

We’re often drawn back to the hotel and accommodation industry for quotes, and comments, and standards that apply universally across many industries.

And it’s a universal truth that what works in most industries will work in all.

The catch cry:

“But my industry is different.”

is as much a furphy* as it is a lie?

All industries are bound by the same principles.

Similar furphies such as:

“But my business is different.”  and

“But my location is different.”  and

“But my customers are different. and

“But my staff are different.

are simply ghosts of excuses that do not bear any weight when it comes down to the nitty gritty of business.

What J.W. Marriott said above is just as true today as it was way back when he first said it.

There are plenty of businesses out there glossing up their presentations, but it’s the attention to the fine details and the minutia of their operations that really sets them apart from their competition.

It’s those small details, which do not go unnoticed, but rather have customers saying to themselves:

“WOW!! This place is truly different.”

that sets your business apart and allows it to stand head and shoulders out in the crowd amongst its competitors.

In dentistry, when your business is truly different, your patients know that you are not just providing random and occasional acts of kindness.

Moreover, during their visit, they come to understand that what they are experiencing is a well thought out and prepared sequence of magical moments that your team is orchestrating to ensure that their visit is truly a World Class Experience.

And not simply just another visit to the local dentist.

Do You Have A Plan?

Is your patient visit a well thought out sequence of events that everyone on your team is one hundred percent up to date with?


Or are some team members simply there to participate as “bit players” or “extras” in the theatre of your Dental business?

The team needs to be aware of the scripted routine that each visitor to your office must travel along, so that their visit to the dentist is more than simply a necessary evil, or an inconvenience to their busy day.

Your place of business, your Dental practice should be such a pleasant place that your patients wake in the morning looking forward to their visit to you as the highlight of their day.

And not be dreading it.

A visit to your Dental Office should be like a visit to see an old dear friend.

It should be a place to connect and re-connect with friends and dear friends.

And I don’t mean “dear” as in “expensive”….

I mean “dear” as in “dear to my heart”…

Are your patients invested in you and your team members as true people for who you are rather than simply what you do?

Are they concerned for you and your families?

And are you concerned also about them?

Remember, friendship is a two way street.

Do you know more about your patients other than the fact you placed a PFM on the UR6 last year?

Do you know that her father is battling with bowel cancer?

And her mother has osteo-arthritis?

Or is your head buried so far into up your own personal trash that you don’t even consider that there’s a human being with feelings attached to those teeth that you repaired just now?

What sort of information do you know about your customers?

A friend of mine in Florida [who is not a dentist] attends his local dental office twice a year, but reckons that his dentist would not recognise him in the mall even if my friend walked right up to the dentist and slapped his face.

And he’s been seeing that dentist for over eight years!

But the dentist only checks my friend’s teeth every other visit and even then for only like ninety seconds at a time, without even hanging around long enough to be warming the doctor’s stool, let alone to be finding out how my friend is or what’s been happening in his life.

So when it was time for my friend’s wife to have some cosmetic dentistry done, they chose to go to a Dental Office twenty miles away, rather than the local dentist where my friend had his regular check-ups.

The real “pearl” in what J.W. Marriott said above, is that the fine detail is usually associated with the customer.

The more that you spend time getting to know your customer, the more the customer will certainly feel that they have had a first class experience at your Dental office.


*furphy is Australian slang for a rumour, or an erroneous or improbable story, but usually claimed to be absolute fact. Furphies are usually heard first or secondhand from reputable sources and, until discounted, widely believed.


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