Are You A Blocker?

What’s your business plan?

Do you actually have one for your business?

Most people do not.

Most small business owners have very poor plans.

Or non-existent plans….

What is your business plan?

When it comes to the planning of your business, do you say:

“What if?”

Or do you say:

“Here are the reasons why not to….”

I spent today in a committee meeting. What was fascinating was the number of roadblocks that kept being put up during the meeting.

Roadblocks as to why something was taking so long.

And roadblocks as to what obstacles were getting in the way of progress, and ultimately, of completion.

These roadblocks were not unique to this committee.

These metaphorical roadblocks are synonymous with the repeated failures I see out there of businesses that impose these sorts of roadblocks upon themselves.

What are some of the other roadblocks that businesses impose upon themselves?

“My business is different.”

“My area is different.”

“My customers are different.”

“My staff would never do that.”

The principles of business are the same.

They are:

  • Find a need in the marketplace.
  • Solve need.
  • Be remunerated for solving that need.

All businesses that do this proliferate.

Irrespective of area, demographics, and products and services.

And if your staff refuse to do what they need to do, then find other staff.

There are no problems. Only solutions.

Stop dwelling on the problem. There are solutions for every problem.

Look for the solutions. 

In the rescue mission to return Apollo 13 safely to Earth there is one famous line that rings true:

“Failure is NOT an option.”

Not moving forwards is failure.

Coming up with excuses is failure.

Stop putting up roadblocks and start doing things.

Start doing the things that you need to be doing….


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