Are you a Day-Maker?

Last Sunday I had the pleasure of hearing a true sales professional in action.

Well, not so much a sales professional. Moreover, she was a true customer service professional.

Let me introduce you to Maria.

Maria was the flight attendant who looked after my cabin on my return trip to Sydney from Adelaide last Sunday afternoon.


From the moment I boarded the aircraft I knew I was in for a treat.

Have you ever had that experience?

There was just something about her. Like she was born to serve….

Interestingly, nobody is born to serve. Just like nobody is born to shoot hoops, or climb mountains.

Shooting hoops well, and climbing mountains persistently, are desires that we acquire. After being born.

And they become burning goals that we seek to be the best at.

And I guess service, and providing World Class Service, is exactly the same.

Maria was, as I said, a treat to observe.

I listened as she greeted every passenger warmly and sincerely with a question of interest so different from those used by most flight crews I’ve travelled with before.

Because firstly of all, she was actually taking the time and asking a question of each passenger.

And that in itself is quite rare.

But the question she would ask would be slightly different for each and every boarding passenger.

And that in itself was engaging. Very engaging.

Once our flight was in the air, I listened to Maria as she offered refreshments to the passengers in our cabin.

When she came to me and described the three snacks available she described them in such a way that she made each one of them seem so appetizing that it really was a very difficult task to choose just one.

How many times have you been out for dinner and the waiter has just prattled off a list of food without “spicing up” the dishes?

Isn’t that most of the time?

Wouldn’t it be nice if when the dishes are announced at your restaurant you found yourself saying:

“I’ll have that one…and *that* one…and *THAT ONE*!!

Well, that’s how it was with Maria!

And we’re talking airline food here!

You see, as I said, Maria is a true professional.

Dedicated to her craft.

And that craft is client satisfaction.

I listened as Maria served beverages during the flight.

Her language and enthusiasm were nothing short of exemplary.

Every drink was delivered with the sincerest message of enjoyment attached.

And nothing was ever, ever, a trouble to her.

It was breathtakingly different to watch her and listen to her attend to her passengers.

At the end of the flight, she had my suit bag out of the hanger and waiting for me at the front door of the plane.

Without me having to ask for it.

And just as impressively, she had spotted and asked me whether she could take that same bag from me the very moment I boarded the aircraft, firstly and foremost, before even viewing my boarding pass.

I don’t travel so much internally in Australia, but I do hope that I have the pleasure of Maria’s World Class Service again.

At Active Dental, it’s always been our aim to make our clients and customers feel exactly the same way about their Dental Visit as I felt about my flight on Sunday.

We aim to make sure that new clients, and existing patients as well, experience genuine exemplary World Class Service and attention from the moment that they enter our front door.

And even before that!

From the moment they make contact with our office, and all interactions in between that time and the time they arrive for their appointment as well.

Because nobody likes going to the dentist.

And their fear of the dentist may be greater than their fear of flying…

It’s always our aim to have our patients talking about the way they were treated at our office in the same way that I’ve described my flight with Maria on Sunday.

Is your team making each patient’s visit a truly memorable “best ever” experience?

We often have new patients tell us, before even meeting the dentist, that our Dental Office is like “no other business” they’ve ever been to. Ever.

Let alone another dentist.

And that’s all about us having the goal making their day…each and every time we see them.

And that’s important.

So ask yourself this question, then.

Are you a Day-Maker?


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