Are You A Good Customer?

What sort of a customer are you?

Do you know that great servers make great customers?

And in so doing, being a great customer helps to create more great servers.

This is because you, as a great customer, are a pleasure to serve.

And so your server enjoys your transaction with them.

As a customer, do you push the boundaries?

On a train, do you travel with your feet up on the seat?

Do you talk out loud in the quiet carriage?

Do you push in line at the checkouts?

Or do you wait your turn?

As a customer, are you pleasant to deal with?

Do you smile and say hello genuinely when you engage in a retail transaction?

At the petrol station?

At the corner store?

Do you engage your server on their agenda rather than yours?

“How’s your day been?”

“Have you had a busy day?”

It’s amazing the difference that you can make in your server’s day by simply acknowledging the fact that they are a human being performing a role and not simply a robot processing your transaction.

The problem with being an employee in a business is that you are often “taken for granted” by those that you serve as well as those that you work for.

Being a great customer can really brighten up the day of someone who sometimes has very little to look forward to.

What are the other benefits of being a great customer?

The thing about being a great customer is that it does make you stand out from other “less than great” or ordinary customers.

And the benefit of that is that you have created some positive recognition for yourself.

When the name of a great customer is seen on the patient list for the day it immediately lifts the feelings of the dental office employees.

“Betty Smith is coming in today. I’m so looking forward to seeing her.”

Being a great customer also invites better service from the people who serve you.

Which in turn encourages you to be a great customer.

Indeed it does.

It’s a case of continuing returns.

When you give, you receive.

And when you receive, you give.

There is really no point in being mean.

I cannot see the point in being a mean cranky person.

All you do by being mean and cranky is create more meanness and nastiness and hostility in the worlds of those you interact with.

And what’s the point of that?

Share the love.

Whether you are a server or a customer, go out of your way to enrich the lives of those you interact with.

Add value to your transactions and to your interactions.

Look at the differences that you can achieve.

The world will be a better place as a result….


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