Are You A Master At Providing World Class Customer Service?

Last weekend I had the opportunity to act as a tour guide for an overseas guest visiting Sydney for the first time.

I love it when a friend travels half way around the world to visit and I have the opportunity of showing off our beautiful city to them, so they can tell their friends back home what a wonderful place we have down here, and how much they have enjoyed my hospitality.

Pivotal in any visit to Sydney must be a trip to the Blue Mountains, to enjoy a walk down the main street of Leura and also to see the Three Sisters in Katoomba.

And to visit Scenic World Blue Mountains.

I must say that every time I visit Scenic World Blue Mountains I am amazed at how well they do their Customer Service.

From the moment you check in and purchase your tickets, you know that you are in for a great day.

The layout of the property is explained to you by the cashier on a map that you are given, and the key points of interest and how to get around are highlighted for you on the map.

The cashier always greets you with one of those smiles and demeanours that make you feel as if they’ve been waiting all day just for you, and that you are the most important person in the world to them.

Every, and I mean every attendant in the facility was happy and entertaining as they went about their routines.

The attendants on the Scenic Railway were both entertaining and helpful. I just loved the way they made sure to take photos of all the guests [using the guests’ smartphones] with pleasure and excitement and minimal difficulty.

I found the drivers very entertaining and informative on both the Scenic Skyway and the Scenic Cableway rides.

All in all, the visit to the Scenic World Blue Mountains at Katoomba was a day to remember for my friend visiting from North Carolina.

What does this mean and can I apply what I saw to Dentistry?

Great customer service is around but it does make itself easily recognisable when it is provided in a professional and consistent manner.

So ask yourself these questions:

Firstly, how are your welcome processes at your Dental Office?

Are your patients made to feel as if they are the most important people on Earth when they arrive at your dental office?

Or are they greeted with a sign, or an unmanned desk, or by a person looking as though they have better things to do?

Are your arriving patients welcomed whole-heartedly when they arrive at your dental practice?

Or are they made to feel like a number?

Secondly, are the people performing the “everyday” duties within your dental practice going about their way in a manner full of enthusiasm?

Are your team members welcoming to your patients, and are your team members making the patients feel at ease, and relaxed?

Do your team members exude a confidence and a feeling of personality?

Are all of your team members able to greet your clients and patients in such a way that has those valued patients feeling at ease because they are in the right place being looked after by the right people who love doing what they do?

These are simple questions you need to ask if you are wanting to make your dental office stand out there in a world of increasing mediocrity.

Are you doing everything in your powers to ensure that your dental business does not become “just another dentist” in the long line of average?


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