Are You and Your Team Truly World Class?

My mentor, John DiJulius, said:

“Service is the desire to put the interest of others before ourselves.”

And so it should be.

True World Class Customer Service is about going that extra mile.

It’s about doing the things, for our customers, that they would never expect, and that our competitors haven’t even considered doing.

And doing those things on a regular and consistent basis, so that they become part of your everyday company culture, your everyday protocols and your day-to-day systems.

True World Class Service is consistently delivering Above and Beyond moments for our clients, customers and patients, so that they are constantly amazed, continually surprised, and left, in awe, saying:

“Wow! This place is different!”

“Wow! I’ve never had any one else do that for me before, in any business…”

Part of that process of putting the interests of others before our own also relates to how we deal with our co-workers, employers, and also our families.

Why in some organisations are some employees there, day in and day out, through sickness and in health, while others seem to maximize their absenteeism?

Surely those who are continually absent, without any consideration of their co-workers, are letting down those co-workers, their employer and his business, as well as their customers?

They certainly are not putting the interests of others [their co-workers and their employer] before their own?

In my travels across the USA I know that leave entitlements, or should I say allowances, vary from state to state.

And sadly, I’ve seen dental offices, which are small businesses and close working environments, battle with employees that continue to stretch the envelope with respect to absenteeism.

I’ve even seen offices where employee grace has been granted for absenteeism way in excess of what could be termed usual and customary.

I once heard it said that your best employees have the fewest days of absence. And I’ve often found this to be the case.

You’ll find, putting it simply, that absenteeism can be paired up with attitude.

Higher absenteeism is related to poor attitude. Period.

So what are the signs of poor attitude?

Often an employee with an attitude of less than one hundred percent commitment to themselves, to their co-workers, to their employer and to their business and their customers, will be the one who is always looking at their phone, always on a coffee break, always first out the door at the end of the day.

They are the ones who metaphorically choose to clean out cupboards rather than deal with the essential necessities of their business.

And they’re the ones who always seem to have the opportunity of doing *more* for the business, but aren’t.

They’re not hard to pick. With all these characteristics, these employees are the ones with little or no passion and enthusiasm for what your business does, and what they are required to do.

They don’t realise that their role is about creating a value over and above their job description, and the product that your business is selling.

They just don’t get it…

And if they don’t get it, then they are choking your business.

Attitude is about desire. It’s about having a “need to please”.

Look for that desire when hiring. Look for that “need to please”. Please the customers. Please the co-workers. Please the employer.

DiJulius said:

“World class service is not something you deliver, it is a result of something you are.”

 To give World Class, you have to be World Class.

And if you feel you aren’t World Class, you need to become World Class. And you can.

And then you can give it….


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