Are You Committed To Succeeding?

If you were planning a holiday, or a vacation as my US friends would say, chances are you’d have a destination that you specifically wanted to end up at?

And from this, you’d know that to get there you can either drive, fly, sail, or walk, depending upon how much time you had to get there and what would be the best use of that time?

So there would be absolutely no way that if you wanted to go to Anaheim Disneyland and you were heading off from Cleveland Ohio by car, that you could travel that journey in one day?

Well of course not.

For safety reasons and for health reasons you’d probably break that journey up into five or six days on the road, wouldn’t you?

In dental practices, with their businesses, I see a lot of dentists wanting to get to a metaphorical Disneyland by car, but they want to get there by lunchtime on the first day?

As if that’s going to ever happen….

And I also see a lot of dentists out there who want to get their dental practices to that metaphorical Disneyland, but they don’t have any well laid out plan as to how they’re going to get there.

And there’s some dentists who want to get to that Disneyland, but they don’t even know where it is they’re starting out from?

Wouldn’t that present a slight problem?

What are you REALLY talking about David?

There are dentists out there who want to be owning and running more profitable dental offices.

They know that things should be better.

And they know that things can be better.

And they understand things can be considerably better.

But they want it all, NOW!!

They want to just close their eyes, snap their fingers, and voila!

All is better…. like MAGIC!!

How Ridiculous!!

The errors in judgements and deficiencies that have caused your dental practice to be where it is are there because they have been ingrained and repeated over long periods of time and can’t be cured overnight with the wave of a wand.

In a similar way to driving off course for a long period of time, you just can’t get back on the right path immediately.

But you can chart a different route…

With patience and with diligence, these errors in operation can be cured.

But to be successful it needs commitment and accountability from you the business owner.

A fat person can’t become a thin person overnight.

Even with the wonders of surgery and gastric banding, the poor lifestyle alternatives that led to the weight issues in the first place need to be corrected, otherwise the weight gain will reappear.

Sadly, the medical profession is coming to the realisation that for weight correction, the expectation of habit change is not a winning path. They are now resigned to the realisation that for the masses, the way forward needs to be a chemical intervention.

Can a person with poor business habits become a financial success and stay successful?

It’s been said that if you took all the wealth in the world and divided it up and distributed it evenly amongst all the people in the world, that within a two year period, most of that wealth will  return back to the people who had originally had it in the first place.

Have you ever heard any stories about lottery winners who end up blowing their windfalls on poor business [if any] and lifestyle choices?

Dr Omer Reed told me that at age 65, ninety five percent of dentists cannot afford to retire because they have not been rewarded well for their efforts and saved sufficiently throughout their working lives.

And that to me is a TRAGEDY!!

Especially when you consider the investment of time [in education] and of money and capital [in purchasing or building a dental office].

What’s the reason?

Sadly, some business owners get so attached to their old ways [and poor habits] that they cannot bring themselves to the point of change for the better.

In the same way that a fat person needs to keep going back to the refrigerator for that chocolate ice cream and soda, many business owners have developed and ingrained a series of poor choices that has led them to this point in time.

And in the same way that an overweight person would rather choose to sit on the couch and watch TV rather than go for a jog, the business owner would rather choose to continue doing things the way he’s always done them, rather than to take advice from someone who knows there are better ways that lead to better results.

The Definition of Stupidity

The definition of stupidity is to continue doing the same things over and over the same way you’ve always done them, but with the hope that the outcome may somehow be different.

As if that’s going to happen….

For things to change, first you must change.

The answer is you.

There is no magic bullet.

You need to be accountable.

And you need to take advice.

But most diets don’t work….


Diets do work, if people work and follow the diet, and eat less and move more.

And keep records.

And expect that the weight will go with time. rather than overnight.

But it will go….

If you are committed to succeeding….

Same goes for your business.

Are you committed to succeeding?


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