Are You Exceeding Your Patients’ Expectations? Regularly?

The purpose of being in business is to keep the business profitable.

I mean, keep the business making a profit.

That’s what businesses do.

Or are meant to do.

If a business does not make a profit, it is called a government.
And sooner or later, it goes out of business.

The aim of any business, in the running of day-to-day business, should be to keep the customers of that business happy.

And by happy, we mean keeping them satisfied, fulfilling their needs and exceeding their expectations when it comes to service and deliverability of that service.


As businesses we must exceed our customers’ expectations whenever we can.

Not just meet the expectations of the customer.

But exceed them with regular ease.


Sadly, a lot of businesses believe that doing just enough is all we need to do.

Be average.

Sadly they feel that there is no point in exceeding customers’ expectations. After all, if we did that once, they might just expect us to exceed their expectations another time, or dare I say it, regularly?

And then we’d have to work harder.

And who wants to do that all the time?

The thing is, that when we do do that, when we do go out of our way to regularly exceed our customers’ expectations, we make massive impressions on our customers.

And the simple reason is that nobody else is doing it for their customers.

That’s why our efforts stand out amongst a madding crowd.

And it’s easy.

Easy to be calm, cool and relaxed about what you do and how you do it, knowing with confidence that your actions, your thoughts, your policies and your visions are indeed distinctly different from those other Dental Offices around.

It’s when we drop our standards, rush our checkouts, rush our phone calls, rush our handovers and rush our treatments…this is when our patients notice that we are indeed NOT different, and that’s a when they walk and go elsewhere.

When we are truly courteous, when we have sufficient qualified staff to allow all our clients to feel like they are the most important person in our Office, no matter how long things need to take, that’s when we say:

“Aha…we’ve truly delivered a point of difference…”

Making a difference, making somebody’s day…now that’s an amazing feeling.

When was the last time someone in your office made a customer’s day?

I remember…


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