Are You Hoping For Your Dental Practice To Get Better By Magic?


It’s the elephant in the room.

How do we keep our team accountable?

There has to be accountability for growth to occur.

Dentistry is a very weird business.

After all, where is it that the owner of the business is so busy doing the business that he can’t supervise, educate and guide and monitor the progress of all those he employs, because he is too busy doing the thing that keeps the business going.

He’s too busy drilling the teeth to be looking after all the extras in his business.

If this were a retail business, then the owner of the business would be out and about, walking the shop floor, overseeing the progress of his team, watching them interact with customers, watching them interact with each other, watching them go about all they have to do.

Not so in Dentistry.

In Dentistry he’s also the Dentist. He’s holding his pickaxe and picking that coal off the coalface, while those employed are behind him, sometimes watching, sometimes not even that.

These are quite contrasting scenarios.


And scary.

Because trust as we may, there’s a big amount of trust in the fact that we’re hoping that all that is meant to be being done is indeed being done behind us.

I guess that it’s this situation that often leads the Dentist owner into taking one of either of a couple of poor decisions that can really be *NOT* in the best interests of the practice, or the patients, or the dentist, or even the team…

Firstly, the dentist could start to micromanage the office.

He could really get serious about watching everything, and I mean everything, with such hawk eyes that he strangles the health of the practice and prevents it from growing even organically.

We spoke about this last week.

Micromanagement is highly stressful and very unproductive.

Micromanagement is not desirable.

And if it is occurring, and gets identified early, it needs to be eradicated.

The solution is to have people in your business responsible for educating and reporting on other people and their work, so that there is growth and supervision in your business.

So that you have team members helping other team members.

And they then in turn report back to you, so you can oversee and monitor their progesses, rather than micromanage them.

The second poor decision a Dentist owner can make is to become an ostrich.

By becoming an ostrich, that Dentist really does just stick his head into the ground and hope that things change.

And by change they hope that things either magically improve on their own, or they magically go away and things get better.

And we know that in most cases, neither of these things happen and the same old stuff just seems to keep on happening.

And things don’t get better.

Things just stay bad or get a whole lot worse.

Building accountability in your Dental Office does not happen overnight.

But it does happen.

It happens if you want it to happen.

And the first step of this accountability is to establish an accountability chain of command.

An order.

And stick to it and work with it.

When I coach Dental Offices I help build leadership and accountability in the Office, for the Dentist and for the team members.

It is the role of a great coach to build this as their legacy to the Dental Practice.

It’s about teaching a man to fish, rather than giving him a fish….


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