Are You Kidding Yourself That You’re A World Class Expert? 

I cannot cook.

Well I can.

But I would not call myself a chef.

I can cook to save my life.

I could get by.

But I cannot cook like Matthew Hopcraft.

Dr Matthew Hopcraft is a dentist from Melbourne Australia who mixed it with the best on TV cook show “Master Chef”.

I marvel at the talent of people with a passion for cooking like a chef, and mixing it with the best as Matthew did and going almost the whole nine yards.

I take my hat off to anyone who can cook, and learns to cook with the best.


It is not something that comes naturally.

I think it is a talent and a passion that is nurtured and grown.

If I wanted to start cooking like a chef I could go about it by doing one of a number of things.

I could just try and wing it and see how I go….

I could begin by purchasing or referencing a number of recipes of the greats and by following their instructions I could try and do it myself….

Or I could simply acquire a list of ingredients of a Master Chef cooked meal and then toss them in a pot, try to cook them myself, and see how I went?

I could buy a Master Chef’s cookbook, put it on the shelf and leave it there and hope that somehow by magic the recipes would simply just appear on plates in my kitchen?

I could assemble all the ingredients ready to go on my kitchen bench and then not turn on the oven?

Are you getting the picture?

To achieve culinary success the planets need to line up.

It’s not simply a matter of hoping that things come together. It’s not a matter of wishing for success.

For success in the kitchen to result you need to have everything lined up and you need to have an unbridled desire to succeed.

Hope is a poor strategy.

A really poor strategy.

Yet in a Dental Practice I see this sort of rubbish all the time.

I see Dentists who want a better practice but won’t commit to what it takes.

I see Dentists who think that a $20.00 cookbook will be the answer to all their practice inadequacies.

Worse still, I see dentists who believe they can create Master Dental Offices on their own with one or two key tips they pick up at seminars and on Dentaltown.

Hardy ha ha.

You can do that and create a successful dental office just the same way that I can build a sensational golf swing by reading Golf Digest.

Will. Not. Happen.


If it were that simple then every dentist would be uber-successful.

Sadly, they are not.

Sadly, as Dr Omer Reed told me five years ago, ninety five percent of dentists reaching the age of sixty-five will not be able to afford to retire.

They’ll still be stuck on the end of their handpieces.

I’ll bet ninety five percent of dentists out there are trying to figure the meaning of life out on their own….

And there’s the corollary.

I cannot work out how to cook on my own.

Sure I can cook and practice and maybe I can get my family to eat it.

Maybe I can get my brothers and sisters and father to eat it?

But do it for a living?

I smell failure.

I smell very limited success.

Why would I think I could cook like the greats?

Without putting in the really hard yards?

It’s not going to happen.

The good thing about cooking is that even if I am really bad at it, if worst comes to worst I can always go buy a meal.

But with my Dental Office I’m on my own.

Every year that you fail to maximize your true potential as a Dentist is a year that you fail. It’s another year you need to keep working to make up for your own inadequacies.

In 1996 when I realised this, and that I needed help, this was the moment that I turned my Dental Practice around.

By 2002 I had tripled my collections.

And I put that improvement down to getting help.

The right help.

And not trying to do it on my own.

And not hoping


“How you doin’?”

Are you a natural born Master chef?

Or are you kidding yourself?

And your dental family…..


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