Are You Living A Life To Be Lived?

Do you have anything in your deep dark past that you used to detest or fear but now love and adore?

Is there a thing, or an object that you used to despise or think pointless that you now cannot do without or live without?

Is there a food, or a delicacy that you once used to say:

“Yuck! I’m never eating that!!”

And now you quite like it.

And secretly wish that you’d never denied yourself of it for all of those years?

For me it’s…..

For me it’s beetroot.

As a child, I so hated beetroot.

With a passion.

I couldn’t stand it.

The look. The smell. The taste. The colour.

It did not appeal.

Nowadays, I’m happy to have beetroot served up to me.

I quite like it.

And I’ll go back for seconds if there are seconds available.

I’ve changed.

I’ve become more tolerant.

I’ve become enlightened.

I’ve become a new man.

You can’t beat a beetroot.

What’s your personal beetroot?

What thing in life, what pleasure, which experience, are you denying yourself from because of some obsessive childhood misconception [or some illogical adult preconception] about what evil could possibly result from your experiencing of this feared object or thing.


Why are you being so irrational?

Plenty of people out there have eaten a beetroot and lived to see the next day.

And oysters?

There’s not many foods out there that look and feel as unappealing as a raw freshly shucked oyster leaving its shell and sliding down your gullet?

Yet people eat them by the DOZENS.


At one sitting.


Even Vegemite…

Even Vegemite, Australia’s national spread, is either loved or loathed, for whatever reasons.

And yet “Death by Vegemite” has never been the demise of any person, living or dead…

What’s your limiting belief?

What limiting belief is defying all logic and occupying valuable space in your mind when there really is no place for it there?

“Should I use a coach?”

“Only weak people have coaches.”

“What could a coach possibly do to help me?”

“I’m not stupid, I can figure this out for myself.”

These are all good reasons as to why EVERYBODY should have a coach to push them harder.

So they can see things they cannot, and are not seeing, on their own.

And to hold them accountable for their actions.

And inactions…..

After coasting and flatlining my own business for four years [because I thought that I was doing OK…] it was the act of employing a coach that saw me 8.5X my business in a 15 year period.. and that’s no mean feat, that’s for sure.

So ask yourself this…

Plenty of successful people have business coaches.

What do they know that you couldn’t work out for yourself?

Is having a business coach really the game changer that you think you can go through life without?

Is personal pride [and stupidity] getting in the way of your logical and rational self?

Haven’t you ever wondered what are the indelible lessons that a Personal Coach can successfully teach a student with an open mind….


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