Are You Living It Or Acting It?

I often see people who say one thing and then behave in an opposite manner.

Have you ever seen this?

Years ago I remember hearing radio superstar Doug Mulray announce to his listeners that an actor who had made a name for himself in a TV advertisement for a Commonwealth Bank Credit Card had been seen lining up in a nearby branch of St George Bank.

It’s kind of the same when people tell you how successful their business is, yet they get spotted flying down the back of the plane…

It kind of spoils the illusion.

But the truth can also hurt.

In which case, if someone is “living the lie”, then the truth will catch up with them in the end.

It’s the same with “expertise”.

When you’re purporting to be the grand master of your industry, then it doesn’t make sense when you are seen to not care for those with whom you should be caring for.

One of the great things I have learned from looking outside of my own dental industry is that those who hold themselves out to be great do indeed need to be acting with compassion and interest for those who seek their attention.

I’ve marveled at the extents that greats like Gene Simmons go through to always ensure that fans are attended to.

We’ve all heard about star performers and sports people who are too busy to give autographs to their adoring fans. And God forbid, there have been reported instances of fans who have been mistreated in these instances.

The true champions will always MAKE the time and TAKE the time to ensure that the fans receive what they have paid for.

And that is an *EXPERIENCE*!!

Life is all about experiences.

When you need one, you hope that you receive one.

And when you’re giving them out, make sure that your heart and your mind are both in it.

Give it!

Be the person you make out that you are!

Be that better person.

Don’t be an imposter….

Be real.

Be real to everybody.

And be the best person you can be…..


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