Are You Looking For Easy Ways Of Being A Day Maker?

Last week on my stay in Sydney I had the opportunity of walking the Sydney Harbour Bridge from North to South to North, rather than my usual route of South to North to South…

Are you with me?

Anyway, as is mandatory and customary for me, there’s a point on the North to South journey across the Bridge, where I stop and take a photo of the city and the Opera House, and then I’ll also take a selfie as well.

On this occasion, as I was taking my selfie, a young woman walking past me who looked as though she was walking to work, stopped and asked me if I would like her to take a photo for me.

I wasn’t expecting someone to do this…. most times when I take a selfie, I look as though I know what I’m doing, and I don’t seem to attract any Good Samaritans. And usually, on the Sydney Harbour Bridge in the mornings, most people walking across it seem to be on a mission to get to work, or to finish their exercise.

So, I politely declined the young lady’s offer.

After finishing my selfies, I then continued my walk south. I soon caught up to the young lady, and as I passed her, I turned and thanked her for her kind offer, and told her that I hoped that she had a good day. She thanked me.

I was glad that she had appreciated that I had stopped to thank her. In fact, she looked a little surprised to have received my thanks.

And I guess that’s because maybe what I just did was quite a rare and unexpected behaviour. After all, in this day and age, not many people would think to stop and thank someone for making an offer to take a photo?

When I reached the bottom of the stairs at Cumberland Street at the southern end of the Harbour Bridge, I turned around to re-cross the bridge. And just on my way back up those stairs, I passed the young lady again. She gave me the biggest smile of acknowledgement.

That smile certainly improved my day, uplifting me and changing my thoughts that were occupying my head at the time. It reset my brain, and filled my head with happy thoughts.

I hope that my earlier thanks to her had had a similar uplifting effect on her day.

I kind of think that it did…

What about you?

How can you give thanks or praise unexpectedly to uplift someone you know?

Or maybe someone that you don’t know, or don’t know yet?

It’s amazing the power that a kind word or a smile can have, when used for good…

Could you be smiling more often?

And could you be expressing more gratitude publicly, than you are doing now?

It’s easy to do.

And it is very gratifying to do….


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