Are You Marketing Your Dental Practice Properly?

Dan Kennedy said that to be successful in business you need to be a better marketer of what you do than a doer of what you do.

Basically, people out there who need your services need to find out about you and your services.

And they find out about what you do by looking at your marketing.

Recently this email letter came across my desk:

“Dear David,

There are so many good people in the world with expertise who aren’t making the money they desire or having the freedom they deserve — and worse, they aren’t making the impact they could.

I’m thinking of one of my friends in particular. Every time I talk to him it boggles my mind – He’s a world-class expert, he’s connected to celebrities, he put enormous effort into writing one of the most comprehensive books in the world on his subject matter… and yet, this guy can’t make money or market to save his life. He keeps himself broke. The worst part about this is that I can’t even help him because despite my best efforts to give him marketing books to read, ideas to implement, and even trying to send him business (really!), he just can’t bring himself to love or appreciate marketing or making money.

I feel for him because he’s a really good guy and he is, in my opinion, one of the most knowledgeable people in the world when it comes to his topic — but he can’t get out of his way and market. He sees himself as an “expert.”

There’s nothing “wrong” with being an expert, but it’s super sad to watch experts flounder. When you have expertise, you can make such a difference in the world and have a huge impact…but unless you are going to rely on luck, you have to appreciate, respect, and love the vehicle that makes that difference and impact possible – Marketing!

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times – There’s no relationship between being good and getting paid! It doesn’t matter how good your product, service, or expertise is until somebody has bought it. And let me ask you, what precedes something being bought? Yes! Selling and Marketing!

There are a TON of really good people running around with expertise who are broke and never get paid. The reason they never get paid has nothing to do with whether their expertise, product, or service is any good…

Listen, when I was a dead broke carpet cleaner, I knew how to clean people’s carpets and we provided a great service. But when I couldn’t get anyone to hire me, it didn’t matter. It wasn’t until I appreciated, loved, and implemented marketing that everything shifted.

If you’re “good” and you create value, you’ve got to position yourself, your product, your service, and/or your expertise in a way that is appealing to people. If you don’t, not only will people never do business with you but you won’t be able to serve them either — and you will never have the kind of freedom you want.

Make a commitment NOW to start using marketing to make more money, have more freedom, and make the impact we all know you can make. Today really can be the last day of the way you used to be.


These are pretty powerful words.

Last month I presented information to an audience of dentists and dental employees about how I built a very successful dental practice over twenty eight years in a working class part of western Sydney.

At the end of the presentation I explained in a few short minutes how attendees, if they so wished, could work with me, if they wished, to help improve their own dental practices.

As a result of these few minutes, some twenty-eight percent of the dentists attending sought me out to find out more.

These dentists were interested in growing their own practices with my guidance.

Interestingly, some of the other attending dentists criticised me for being “salesy” and objected to me taking a few minutes to share an offer with those interested.

Which brings me to the question…

What gives those dentists who don’t want any further information the right to have an influence on those dentists who sought me out for more information after the presentation?

Imagine if I had not taken those few minutes to share an offer with the audience?

If I had ended without offering any help at all, then twenty-eight percent of the dentists in the room would have wandered out of the room and headed home with the thought of

“Well what the heck do I do now?”

There’s a reason….

There’s obviously a market in the furniture industry for people who like to take home flat packs and turn them into furniture.

But there are also people out there who detest the process of trying to read instructions with no words and who do not want to spend hours and days of their lives trying to build things with only an Allen key as a tool.

Each to their own.

But let each choose.

I hear plenty of stories of families where uneducated family members take it upon themselves to rescue other family members from the opportunity of being successful.

And the same thing happens amongst groups of friends too.

And in professions, it seems…


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