Are You Measuring? If Not, Then Why Not?

“You can’t improve what you don’t measure”  – Peter Drucker.

When I talk to business owners about their businesses I’m surprised at how few owners are measuring the things that matter.

Most business owners don’t measure much at all.

A lot of business owners don’t measure anything.

There are some Key Performance Indicators [KPIs] that all business owners should be measuring on a daily basis.

And as Drucker said, if you don’t measure things how on earth can you improve them.

I see dental practices that don’t measure their productions and collections on a daily basis.

Or a weekly basis.

And they wouldn’t know whether May 2018 was a better or worse month for collections and production than May 2017 was?

Or than April 2018 was?

They simply blunder from one day to the next….

I see dental offices who don’t know how many new patients they see on a monthly basis.

And they don’t record whether each of those new patients has been referred or whether they’ve come as a result of specific marketing campaigns and media.

They don’t have any idea how many of their new patients for the month are seeking treatment because something is broken or painful, or whether they are seeking an examination, that may or may not be overdue.

I see dental practices that don’t know how many crowns they seat on an annual basis. 

They don’t know how many hygiene visits are being performed on a quarterly basis, and they don’t know how many hygiene patients are on quarterly visits or on six-monthly visits.

These dentists have no idea how many patients are scheduling appointments when they phone their offices, and what that percentage is.

They do not know what percentage of new patient first appointments scheduled are kept, and they have no idea how many of those new patients that do come for their first appointment return for a second appointment or ALL subsequent appointments.

And when you ask these dentists about their practices, they simply say:

“I just need more new patients”.

The trouble is, you can’t keep adding more water into a small rusty bucket that leaks like a sieve….


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