Are You Practicing The True Art Of Service?

“Service is the desire to put the interest of others before ourselves.”
– John DiJulius III

This statement pretty well sums it up.

This is what service is.

And has to be.

We must put the interests of others before our own.

That’s what it is all about.


Even as a tax collector, the interests of those who benefit from the collection of taxes must be put ahead of the interests of those who have a moral obligation to pay their appropriate taxes.

And in business, we must put the interests of our customers ahead of the interests of us, as employees and as business owners.


What’s best for the customer?

That’s what it’s all about…

Is that what you think about, as you go about your daily business?

Do you think *SERVICE* as a front of mind mentality when you are out and about as a  customer as well as when you are at work as the server?

And as Dentists, and Dental Office employees, we are all servers of customers.

Our patients are our clients.

Our customers.

They are paying to receive our Dental Services.

And our Service.

Not just our Dentistry.

Until we learn to flat-pack our Dentistry, you’re going to always have to have people interaction…

How we as people deal with people serving us as we go about our business reflects and impacts upon the way we interact when we are providing our services.

As a student of service [and why *shouldn’t* we all be students of our craft?] we need to understand that what we do today, in this moment then impacts and influences our future behaviours.

We must learn to understand, in order to improve.

What is best for the person we are serving?

It’s no fun dealing with grumpy sour people.

They are difficult, and make our life difficult.

But sometimes in order to make lemonade, you’ve got to deal with lemons.

To find your Prince you have to kiss a lot of frogs.

In your own business you can choose the number of frogs you need to deal with.

There will always be frogs, but you can do what you need to do to minimise how many you see.

Business allows you to do that.

It’s your business. You can make it what you want.

However, what you’ll find is that what you give out will be what you’ll receive back.

Give out nice to receive nice back.

Give out sour. Get sour back.

When we sincerely put the interests of others before ourselves, this is when we truly have mastered the Art of Service.

And until we do, until we do prioritise the interests of others before our own, well, we’re only paying lip service.

There’s some [person] at work you have to kowtow to, and you find yourself doing things you thought you’d never do. But you try and minimise that stuff; be the best person you can be. But you set your priorities. And that’s the way life is….”
– Richard. The Big Chill [1983]


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