Are You Providing Dental Rush Jobs?

This weekend just passed saw the world celebrate another Mothers’ Day.

It also gave us a great opportunity to see how many businesses were in the business of Service and also see how many businesses were simply in the business of sales.

Is your Dental Practice in the business of service or the business of sales?

How do you tell?

Well the signs are there.

As a business, you are putting out those signs.

And as a customer, I’m reading those signs.

As a Dental Professional, are you aware of the signs that your business and your employees are exhibiting to your customers?

Let me explain…

Last night, Saturday night, and this morning, Sunday morning, my family dined out got Mothers’ Day.

On both occasions, because of Mothers’ Day activities going on in general, we were forced into an “In by X o’clock, out by Y o’clock” style of booking.

Interestingly, on both occasions, we felt rushed and under appreciated.

And perceptions are usually realities.

Tip #1. If you are going to offer a “rush job” type of booking, try not to make your customers feel like they are experiencing a rush job.

If as a business owner you feel the need to provide this type of NON-experience to your customers, try to turn it into an *EXPERIENCE* to remember for them, so that it becomes a WIN-WIN for all.

You see, for a lot of business owners, perceptions of customers are not readily recognised, even though they may be staring the business owners right there in the face.

This is simply because the business focuses their mind too much on process and not enough on the thing that really drives the business and that is the customers’ realities.

In a dental practice, it is very easy for all the dental team to get caught up in their processes of “get them in quickly and get them out quickly” without realising that there is actually a human being there on the receiving end of our processes who has emotions and feelings.

Emotions and feelings that should never be ignored.

But sadly, all too often, those emotions and feelings are brushed over and are ignored.

I’ve forgotten the number of times I’ve watched dental assistants de-bib the patient after treatment before the patient has had time to realise that they are back in the vertical position, and well before the patient has time to re-orient themselves and refresh themselves following their procedure.

It’s almost as if the DA is snatching the bib and the bib chain away….

I’ve seen dental assistants too that are so intent on collecting the protective eyewear from the patient that they’ve lifted them from the patients’ faces while the dental chair is still in the process of coming up.

Or, they’ve asked for the eyewear at a time that suits the assistant rather than at a time that should suit the patient.

Or, they demean the value of the protective eyewear by calling the safety glasses by a derogatory name, such as “sunnies” or “shades”.

If they are important enough to be worn then they are important enough to be described in respectful and truthful terminology.

And spoken about at the most appropriate time rather than at a time that suits the Dental assistant.

You see customers know when they are being rushed.

And rushing someone does no benefit at all in the fields of customer service, unless of course we are rushing them away from a terrorist attack or a dangerous situation, or towards an Emergency Room in a hospital?

So look at the message you are conveying at your dental office.
Are you rushing your completed patients out of the way so that you can rush your next patient in to that warm seat?

Are you sending the right message to your valued customers?

That you are a rush expert?

Is that how you want to be known in your community??

Remember, small children spell “Love” T.I.M.E..

And patients spell it the exact same way.

So stop rushing your patients and start loving them.

Give them an *EXPERIENCE*.

And not a rush job…


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