Are You Really Thinking Outside The Box?

If you want to improve the status of your business in the marketplace then I’d advise you to stop comparing your business to your competitors.

And start looking at other industries and what’s working in those fields, and see whether your business can learn from those industries and incorporate some of those business ideas back into your field.

Because this is where the true business of being in business is won.

The problem of comparing your business with your competition is that it simply lowers the bar, because all you are trying to do in that instance is to make a in improvement compared to your competitors.

But when you look outside your industry and incorporate ideas from other industries back into your business, you truly can create revolutionary change within your industry.

Take Henry Ford for instance. If Henry Ford had not looked outside of his industry and had simply listened to his customers, then all he would have developed was a “faster horse” as he said, instead of the Model T Ford automobile.

In dentistry, I took ideas from the restaurant industry and applied them to the patient experience at the dentist.

I innovated with ideas from the travel industry and incorporated those into my dental office with dramatic results.

Another thing that I’ve been able to do is to cross-pollenate ideas form my customer service processes into industries like food and beverage, hotel stays, and hairdressing and pharmacies.

Great customer service ideas are everywhere.

You just need to see them and note them and implement them.

That’s all that I ever did….

But it’s something I did with great passion that resulted in comments from my patients that read:

“This business is so different from any other business I know out there…not just other dentists, but all businesses.”

It is your points of difference that determine the value and the status of your dental business in the marketplace.

Nobody wants to be known as the best vanilla.

We all want our business to be known for what it does exceptionally.


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