Are You Running The Risk Of Being Shut Down?

How would you like to have your Dental Business shut down and your business name blacklisted in the media?

Don’t think it’s possible?

Well think about this….

I heard today that seventy three percent of private dental offices in Australia are failing to comply with the latest infection control guidelines required by regulatory authorities.

And I’m figuring the numbers would be similar across North America too…

This is because those standards that were OK back in the good old days are now simply not OK any more.

What that means is that if your dental office has not been recently updated and been made compliant, then there’s a big chance that the infection control police could come along and knock on your door and issue you with an infringement notice and a fine that would not be the best advertisement for your business.

And with the increasing number of dentists out there, there’s certainly an excess of dentists in the community that would be able to weather the storm of rigorous inspection heading our way.

Are you able to say with one hundred percent certainty that your dental office would pass an on the spot inspection if the infection control police turned up at your door?

The inconvenience of having to close down your business and make yourself compliant could be enough to put some dental offices out of business because the loss of business.

The loss of regular cash flow could be crippling.

Not to mention that prices for the services required to make your practice compliant will certainly rise as authorities start to roll out these on the spot inspections.

And of course, as we saw in the Insulation rorting and the School Education rorting that went on in Australia nine years ago, there will be a degree of pandemonium and “create your own price” mentality as the cowboys flock in to “service” an opportunistic market.

Wouldn’t it be better to do something before the proverbial hits the fan?

It makes good sense to replace worn tyres on your car before they fail rather than risk a blowout and risk any subsequent damage to your car and yourself by waiting until the last moment?

As I said, with the oversupply of dentists occurring in Australia, as well as in other parts of the world, this pre-anticipation of disaster could be just what the doctor ordered to ensure your dental practice does not get decorated with red and white hazard tape or receive free publicity in the media for all of the wrong reasons.

Wouldn’t you sleep easier knowing that your dental office was recently made compliant?

Wouldn’t you hate to be “red carded” by the infection control police and closed down because of something you were never really aware of?

Imagine the adverse effect of any media publicity of such an event?

In this day and age, it just makes good business sense to dot your “I’s” and cross your “T’s”.

Let me know if you are interested in bringing your dental office up to date compliance wise, so that you can roll out the welcome mat when the infection control police come knocking.

Email me and I’ll put you in touch with those who can help you.

It just makes good business sense….


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