Are You Simply Just Going Through The Motions?

We all know that scene in the movie Jingle All the Way where Arnold Schwarzenegger is on the phone to his customers on Christmas Eve?

And as he concludes each call, he robotically tells each customer:

“You’re my favourite customer!”

 And then his wife phones, and of course he ends that call with:

“You’re my favourite customer!”


Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve been the recipient of an automated, robotic response that hasn’t taken into account your personal situation at all?

It’s like the message you sometimes receive when you are on hold, or calling someone, and your call goes through to a message:

“Your call is very important to us”

Well, if it is that important to you or your organisation, then why am I being spoken to by a machine, instead of an individual real live person?

The trouble with a lot of automation, and I include “automatic” responses in this as well, is that often the response does not even sound how people actually talk to each other.

And that’s a dead giveaway.

Like on LinkedIn, when you are prompted to congratulate people who you are linked to on their birthday’s and anniversaries.

And the prompted automatic response includes:

“Congrats on the anniversary! Hope you’re doing well.”



Who talks like that?

I know it’s a little bit of a chore, but at least the creation of some visible and noticeable variety in your responses can start to set you above the world of automation.

What about when you ask someone how they are?

And their response is almost as if someone has pulled the string in their back:

“Not too bad. Yourself?”


Who ever uses a one word sentence “Yourself?”??

And what on earth does “Not too bad” mean exactly?

It means you’re far too lazy.

And it means you don’t mind using robotic double negatives in your icebreakers.

Well, give me a break.

Stop going through the motions.

Stop being disingenuous and start being more genuine with your responses.

The people that you associate with will notice the improvement.


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