Are You Stepping Over Dollars In Order To Pick Up Pennies?

Your customers will always remember how mean you were…

Generosity is so rare that when it hits you, you take notice.

But meanness is also very apparent.

A lot of businesses do not realise that their customers are noticing their meanness.

Have you ever visited a business where the pens are tied down or permanently attached to a counter or to a clipboard by a chain or a rope or a string?

Wouldn’t it be smarter to have your business name, or better still, your business URL, on the pen, so that if the pen was accidentally removed from your business it would then be acting as an advertisement for your business?

What sort of advertisement is your business making when it ties down its pens?

Last weekend due to weather in the USA I missed my airline connection in San Francisco, and as a result I was put up in a hotel for twenty-four hours by one of the airlines. The airline also provided me with a whole seven dollar breakfast voucher along with a twelve dollar lunch and dinner voucher as well.

Are you getting the picture?

At the hotel, I asked if they could provide me with a toothbrush. Although I was not expecting an electric toothbrush, the toothbrush I was given was not made of solid plastic but was rather a hollowed out plastic frame with only a top and two sides and no back…

At breakfast the next morning I ordered a juice and a cup of tea, along with two eggs and some toast.

My server informed me that my voucher only entitled me to one beverage and not two…


I had breakfast that morning with another stranded passenger who was also in the same predicament. I shared with him the story about my family dinner at La Giostra restaurant in Florence Italy, in 2011, where at the completion of our meal, the host had asked whether my wife and I would care for an after-dinner drink, on the house?

Well how could we refuse his generosity?

What followed then was an act of even greater generosity….

My wife asked for as Limoncello and I said I would like a Johnny Walker Black Label. The host returned, but not with two drinks, but rather with a bottle of each beverage and two glasses, and told us to have as many glasses as we cared to enjoy.

On him.

Can you imagine how many times I’ve retold this story?

Can you imagine how many other patrons who have experienced this generosity and have told and retold the same story?

Do the math…. there is significant profit to be made by charging $12.00 for a 30mL portion from a 700mL bottle that costs the restaurant maybe $50.00 wholesale to buy?

But who is going to go overboard and drink more than one or two glasses at the end of a great meal?

In fact, if every diner had two glasses at the end of the night, one bottle would serve twelve diners.

So for a fraction over $4.00 per diner, do you think giving away a couple of after dinner drinks is a great investment?

Imagine the amount of repeat business this act of generosity creates? And then again there are the referrals created as well…

How does this relate back to dentistry?

In your dental practice, are you tying down your pens?

Are you putting stickers on your magazines in the hope that patients don’t steal them?

Could you be gifting something to your patients on a regular basis that encourages them to come back for more treatment more frequently than they do?

Are you offering your patients cologne and perfume to freshen up following their appointments?

Are you serving them fresh roasted coffee or herbal teas in fine crockery?

Are you offering them fresh juice or cold bottled water?

The lists of add-ons that you could provide in your business that would have your patients saying “WOW!!” are endless…


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