Are You Targeting And Marketing To Your Ideal Customer?

As many of you know, after retiring from clinical dentistry, Jayne and I decided to sell our Sydney home and relocate to a small property about two hours drive outside of Sydney.

Our property is on the edge of a small village, with about a 15 minute walk to the two small businesses that operate from that village.

Those two businesses are a café, and a pub.

If we want anything else, we’ve got a ten minute drive to another small village where we can buy petrol, and there’s also a pharmacy, a fruit shop, and a small grocery store there.

There’ also a great pizza shop, a pub too, and a post office where we have our mail directed to.

The service at the post office is great. The two staff there are very personable and friendly, and they will bend over backwards to be helpful.

Last week when Jayne was down at the post office collecting the mail, there was a small box parcel amongst others to be collected.

This box parcel had an interesting story, because the person sending the parcel had come to that post office to post it, and so Mel from the post office said that she’d take the parcel from the sender and place it with our other mail, so that it didn’t have to be sent to Sydney and back on a truck or two.

Like I said, the staff at the post office are very personable…

So the box parcel, addressed by hand to me, was certainly a little bit of a surprise.

I wasn’t expecting to be receiving anything in the post from someone local…

When Jayne brought the box parcel home, inside was a small silver trowel, along with a company folder, that contained a letter, a business card, and a brochure.

The purpose of the letter was to introduce the owner of a local horticultural company to me, and to introduce me to that company’s garden maintenance services.

The letter explained that the trowel was a gift for me, and the brochure outlined and contained pictures of some of the services that the horticultural company offered.

What impressed me…

What impressed me was that the sender had obviously done some homework on me.

He’d probably spotted my home renovations occurring while driving past, and put two and two together to work out that whenever there are building renovations, then there’s always going to be a need for some landscaping work.

I’m figuring too that the horticulturalist had also researched that around my home there was already a reasonable amount of established garden.

There’s a backstory…

The backstory is that along the way, with our home renovations, Jayne and I are in need of some landscaping work to put in a couple of paths and gardens.

Sadly, we have had significant difficulty finding anyone wanting to do the work for us, because they all seem to be so heavily booked up into the future.

So this parcel box couldn’t have arrived at a better time for us.

And that’s the thing..

And that’s the thing with direct response marketing… you never know when that piece of marketing you send gets into the hands of a potential customer, you never know whether the action of sending that marketing is all that potential customer is needing to be reminded that it is time for them to investigate your company and its services.

Because the opposite occurrence is even truer.

And that is that the marketing piece that you never send will have a zero result in building any relationship between your business and your potential customer.

Because the potential customer won’t know who you are if you never send anything to them!!

Any marketing that you engage in will have an impact on anyone who comes across it who just so happens to be in the need for your services… be those services horticultural, or dental…

And so, if you’re not marketing, the person out there who needs exactly what you are selling, will not know that your business even exists, or is right there and is ready to help them…. and so that potential customer will simply take their business elsewhere…

So, are you targeting your ideal customer?

And letting them know that you are right there, nearby, and offering them the services that they are in need of?

Because you should be…


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