Are You Truly Proud Of Your Dental Team Members And The Roles That Each One Of Them Plays In Your Organisation?

I was recently reminded about Krulak’s Law of Leadership.

General Charles C. Krulak is a retired General in the United States Marine Corp.

He said that:

“Leaders are judged, ultimately, by the quality of the leadership reflected in their subordinates.”

Krulak’s Law of Leadership states that the future of an organisation is in the hands of the privates in the field, not the generals back home.

Seth Godin explains Krulak’s Law thus:

“The experience people have with your brand is in the hands of the person you pay the least.”

Godin says  we need to:

“Act accordingly. (This involves training, trust, responsibility, leadership, dignity, authority, management and investment. It mostly means seeing the front-line people in your organization as priceless assets, not cheap cogs.)”

In your dental practice, are you investing well in the training and the responsibilities of your front line employees?

Are you truly able to consider your front line employees to be  “foreman material”?

Are you proud of them and the roles that they play in your organisation, or are you constantly cringing and being left wondering at their behavioural gaffes and actions?

Are these actions and gaffes a result of your poor leadership, training and direction?

Sometimes the actions, or inactions of those who we choose as the faces of our businesses, are the direct result of the poor choices and inactions of management, owners, and leaders.

As the head of your organisation, are you investing sufficiently in the skills and trainings that your front line people need on a regular basis to deliver SERVICE EXCELLENCE to your valued clients, customers and patients?

One errant gaffe by an untrained employee repeated on a regular basis could be costing your practice hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.

Recently I looked at the statistics of a very successful dental practice, only to see that 43% of their inbound phone calls were not being answered.

And whether these inbound calls were existing patients or new patients or not, was irrelevant because missing nearly half of their inbound calls and allowing a message service to act as a “safety net” is a far from ideal situation, from a customer service industry standpoint.

Because, no matter whether someone phoning your practice is new business or existing business, nobody likes making a phone call and getting a machine when they want to and are expecting to be talking with a real live human being.

Don’t we all know it?

Who out there dreads, for instance, those calls that you need to be making to your phone company?

“Press one to be directed to ….”

We hate it!

So when it comes to your dental practice front line people, the people in your practice interacting with your customers, make sure that you have invested in all of the necessary training that you could possibly provide to allow them to act with excellence in their roles for you.

And also invest in having sufficient numbers of team members to ensure that during times of excessive demand, you have adequate resources available to deal with those demands.

Because the small amount of dollars needed to pay sufficient salaries will be significantly dwarfed by the increased revenue that your business will collect by just having the right number of employees available to manage that customer flow in your practice.


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