Are You Wowing Your Patients Enough?

I’m an advocate for always providing World Class Customer Service in the Dental Office. In fact, I’m so fanatical about it, I’m almost an evangelist, when it comes to Secret Service.

This is because one of the key things that differentiates an Ultimate Patient Experience Dental Office from other Dental Practices is its ability to discretely gather and utilise Secret Service Information about its clients, customers and patients.

Secret Service is defined by John DiJulius III as “the implementation of hidden systems that enable our staff consistently to exceed the client’s expectations and to make the client feel welcome, comfortable, important, and understood.”

He says,  “These systems help companies create a solid loyal customer base by implementing simple ideas that provide customer service that will be remembered. By managing theses systems, companies turn most customer encounters into a surprisingly pleasant experience for the customer. The result is that repeat business is ensured, more dollars are spent, and many referrals are gained.”

So it came as quite a surprise to me yesterday that I was the beneficiary of some Secret Service Information gathered about me by a company that I’ve been doing regular business with.

In fact, I was shocked.

Because I never in my wildest dreams expected this sort of service and attention to detail from this company.

The feeling I felt was the same feeling we all feel when somebody performs a Random Act of Kindness towards us.

Because these acts are usually so few and far between.

And Random Acts of Kindness are easy to perform as well.

It’s only a simple matter of having our radars on and our antennas up looking out for opportunities.

Just last week I went up to get some barbeque chicken for my son. As I approached the shop, a woman in a hurry entered from the other direction. The shop was packed.

Now a few months ago the chicken shop implemented a ticket system to establish some order for its clients. As I reached and took my ticket the woman who had just entered before me realised that she had not taken a ticket, and turned to the machine.

I instinctively handed her my ticket.

I was not in a hurry.

She was.

And what she also was, was that she was surprised to be the recipient of this Act of Courtesy from me.

Because in today’s fast paced environment, everybody is conditioned to becoming a queue jumper.

Pushing in to get ahead is just the norm.

There’s been many a time, in other queues, where I’ve been in that woman’s shoes, so to speak. Where I’ve not been quite alert, and others have one-upped me and jumped the queue.

And for what?

The look of surprise on the face of this woman when I gave her that ticket?


How did I feel about performing this Random Act of Kindness that could possibly have made her day?

Pretty darned good….

Are you looking for ways of performing Random Acts of Kindness for your clients, customers and patients in your Dental Office?

Because you should be.

Because dentistry is considered a “Grudge Buy” by so many, like buying new tyres, it is so easy at the Dental Office to make a difference to someone’s day by being different and acting kindly in an unexpected way.

And that’s what Secret Service is used for.

We consistently attempt to exceed the client’s expectations and to make the client feel welcome, and important.

So let me tell you what happened to me.

As you know, I’ve been away on a five-week overseas family vacation.

And what do you return to when you come home?

Long grass, a green pool, and a mountain of mail.

And there was mail.

Boxes and boxes and envelopes and packages.

Boxes of supplements, CD and DVD information products, and books from Amazon.

Big boxes containing many books.

And small boxes containing single books.

As I worked my way through the packages there was one there from The Newsletter Pro, a Company I use to send a physical newsletter once a month to the addresses of Dentists who receive my email correspondence as well.

And they occasionally send me things.

But when I opened this package I was totally in awe!

Because I’d been out-secret-serviced!

There were two sincere handwritten notes from Nicole and Rachel, two of the wonderful people that I deal with there wishing me and my wife a Happy Silver Wedding Anniversary, which we celebrated last month.

And there was a book.

Now I know I’d mentioned in one of my calls with them for content for my newsletter that I was celebrating my wedding anniversary, but I never in my wildest dreams expected any recognition from them, let alone receive a gift?

And that’s because they’re business.

This is what your patients will feel when you use Secret Service Systems to gather information about them and surprise them when they least expect it.

And it does feel good.

Better than good, it feels great!

The book?

The book was the icing on the cake.

So to speak.

The book they chose was an early edition Coffee Table quality book about our favourite restaurant.

Now I’m thinking, I must have mentioned this to either Rachel or Nicole, yet I don’t recall.

But WOW!

Because how would they have known?

And that’s the feeling that you want your patients to feel when you and your team use Secret Service Systems to Make Their Day.

Because everybody loves a surprise!

The Ultimate Patient Experience is a simple to build complete Customer Service system in itself that I developed that allowed me to create an extraordinary dental office in an ordinary Sydney suburb. If you’d like to know more, ask me about my free special report.

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