As A Business Owner Are You Proactive Or Reactive?

A lot of businesses out there are operating on a re-active basis rather than operating on a pro-active basis.

Proactive is better.

When your business is operating reactively, it is not in control of its own destiny.

A reactive business gets beaten about and blown about by all forces of the economic environment that it comes in contact with.

A reactive business spends way too much time trying to respond to these extraneous economic forces.

A reactive business is like a rudderless and oarless dinghy being blown about on the ocean. As such, it is totally at the mercy of the elements.

It has very little recourse.

A proactive business takes a different tack.

A proactive business anticipates the market and the economic forces that are about, and makes adjustments to its position so that these economic forces do not hurt or harm the business.

More times than not, a proactive business takes a path that ensures that it avoids these harmful market forces all together.

A proactive business is ahead of the curve.

It has chosen its market.

It has chosen its position.

It has a clear marketing strategy.

The swings and undulations of a volatile market and environment do not affect the position of a proactive business.

While the reactive business is weathering the economic storm, the proactive business has secured its position outside of the effects of the storm.

Proactive businesses dictate to the market.

Reactive businesses are dictated to by the market.

The proactive business will always survive and thrive.

The reactive business may not be so fortunate.

Its your choice.

Where will you position your business?

Where you position your business is entirely up to you.

Being proactive is a conscious choice.

You do have the ability to choose.

Don’t be a victim.

Make the decision.



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