Attitude Is A Choice That Is Available To Everyone.

I was reading a book this past weekend and this quote jumped out from the pages:

“Attitude is a choice that is available to everyone.”

Never a truer word was spoken.

Everyone has the choice to choose their own attitude.

Our attitude towards different things, and towards EVERYTHING, is controlled and determined by each of us, individually.

And can be changed.

Have you ever had someone say to you:

“You need to change your attitude”

They have offered you this advice because the attitude that you were conveying was affecting your judgement.

And by that affectation, your attitude was limiting you from obtaining a clear outcome.

In the business of service, we need to maintain our best attitude.

A poor attitude will foster poor results.

Attitude comes in a number of forms.

  • Positive attitude

A person with a positive attitude will look for the good in other people and in situations, despite the fact that there may be negativity, evil or badness in those situations and in those people.

These people do not care about the hurdles in life, but rather focus on the positive outcomes that can be achieved.

  • Confidence

A positive mindset, or confidence in the expectation of a good outcome, will lay the foundation for achieving more.

  • Happiness

Confident people are usually very happy people who show little concern about any negative outcomes that could result from upcoming events and experiences.

  • Sincerity

People with positive attitudes are known to be sincere.

  • Determination

Positive people are usually driven to achieve the results they seek through effort and determination, and through ACTION. Rather than through “hope” or wishing.

  • Negative Attitude

People with negative attitudes often ignore the good things in life and only think about the consequences of underachievement and of failure. They are often concerned with unfair comparisons of themselves to others, which jaundices their views.

  • Anger

A person with a negative mindset often is angry, and often does not seek any anger resolution that could settle their negativity. Anger is destructive.

  • Doubt

Self-doubt will lead to feelings of low confidence, denying forward progress. Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.

  • Frustration

A frustrated person is often a negative person. The frustration becomes an irritant that prevents people from moving forward with positivity.


We cannot change our attitude until we have a grasp on that attitude

When we know exactly where we are, and which attitude we have, then we are then in a position to make changes and adjustments.

Without that accurate information, our efforts to amend our behaviour may not be successful.


The key to successful change and progress is empowerment.

We must empower ourselves to look for and action toward positive outcomes and results.

We must empower our team to look for and action toward positive outcomes and results.

Encouraging our team to understand that actions are better than inactions, and that there are no wrong results, just lessons to be learned, goes a long way towards reducing the emotions in them that lead to those negative attitudes that we do not want in our organisation.

Everyone has the choice to choose their own attitude.

As business owners, we must encourage our team members to choose positivity.


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