Be Personable…..

One of the big differences between dental practices who get it, and those practices that don’t get it, is the ability to be personable, and the importance that goes with it.

What is personable?

“Personable” is defined as “someone who is friendly, outgoing and easily able to talk to people.” They are “pleasantly sociable”.

How do we put “personable” into our dental practice?

The best thing to do to put personable into your dental practice is to look for places where patients least expect sociable conversation.

Here are two places in the practice that will have your patients talking about your dental practice to their friends as being truly different:

At the patient arrival

Having a real live person actually speak first and greet arriving guests into your practice ahead of time is a game changer.

One of my friends was telling me about a dental practice he knew where the arriving patient’s first view of the inside of the office was a view of behind the dental receptionist’s right ear, simply because of the poor logistics of the reception desk and its relation to the front door of the practice.

What this practice did to dramatically improve its engagement score with its patients was to have the dental receptionist stand up and walk around her desk and meet and greet her arriving patients head on, each and every time that a patient walked into that office.

And the satisfaction surveys completed by exiting patients reflected the positive impact that this one small change had on the patients’ overall thoughts about their visits.

Because the receptionist was physically and verbally positioning herself to engage with the arriving patient, the arriving patient felt as though conversational engagement was a foregone conclusion at this practice.

At the front office handover following treatment.

I always encourage verbal handovers of completed patients at the front of practice areas following treatment.

Where possible, if the dentist is working out of multiple treatment rooms, this handover can be well choreographed by the dental assistant and by the dental front office team member “receiving” the handover.

And the patients truly love and value the post-treatment engagement they receive.

I know a large practice where some of the associate dentists themselves are bringing out the patient for this after treatment handover.

In these practices, there are significant differences in popularity and busy-ness of associate dentists that are easily traceable back to which dentists are taking the time to bring these patients out to the front office and are providing a very personable handover of that patient.

I’ll let you in on a little secret: The associate dentists doing the personable handover themselves are the ones who are significantly more popular and more busy.

So ask yourself this question….

Are there simple things in your dental practice that you could be doing differently that could significantly impact on the popularity of your dentists and of your dental practice?

I think there are….


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