Be Sure To Follow The Correct Leader

As children we’ve all played follow the leader.

As adults, before playing follow the leader, we need to make sure of a few things.

Firstly, we need to be sure that the leader we are following is going to take us in the direction that we want to go and lead us closer to our desired destination.

There is no point in following someone who will take us to a destination that is further away from where we are trying to go to, and there is absolutely no point in following someone who leads us on a wild goose chase that takes us off course from our desired route.

Secondly, when choosing who to follow, we need to be sure that we are following the right person.

Our destination is a journey, and it is a journey to be shared.

There is no point in following someone who talks the talk but conceals the fact that they have never walked the walk.

And it is very disappointing to find out that the truth and what we’ve been led to believe are not one and the same.

Lastly, when we choose to follow someone who promises to deliver us to a specific place or a specific result, we need to be sure that the journey that they take us on will be a journey that matches in with our own expectations and values and ethics.

The method of transportation should be congruent with our values.

For example, most people seek to increase their wealth. However, stealing and robbing and killing to become wealthy are not acceptable behaviours.

Most people want to move from A to B. From where they are now, to where they want to go. However, stealing a car to get you from A to B is not acceptable behaviour.

Exploitation of others to make gain is immoral and unethical.

Taking without also giving and giving back is also immoral.

Evaluate your choices, and when making your choices, choose wisely.

And choose ethically.

There is always a tried and true path to success.

The path to success may not always be an easy road to travel, but every path to success does leave clues, and can be followed.


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