Beware Of These Dangerous Types Of People…

There are some dangerous types of people that you need to avoid and keep away from in your life.

These types of people will be dangerous to your business.

And they will be dangerous to your personal life.

Never be tricked into believing that these people are displaying only transient traits of dangerous personality types.

If you witness any of the traits of these personas, you must run.

And run away.


These people never change….

The Narcissist

The narcissist thinks only of the end result, which is a win to them at all costs.

And is often coupled with a defeat to everybody else that they encounter along their way.

And because of their inherent desire to be victorious, the cost of winning for them, in terms of human capital that they destroy along their way, is simply the price they need to pay for their so called “success”.

They don’t care how much their victory costs them.

All they care about is winning by tearing down their competitors…

Martyr Syndrome

Martyr syndrome is often seen where these martyrs jump in and do other people’s tasks that are not being done, but will actually be done.

To the martyr, the delays, or the poor performances of others are things they cannot tolerate. But when the martyr goes about “rectifying” the unnecessary, they always want others to see and witness what they do because they have this inherent need to create some level of heroism for themselves.

Martyrs need to be coached to focus on the big picture, and on solutions, rather than on problems.

Allowing martyrs to continue their martyrdom in your business is a moral destroyer for your business.

The Onboard Terrorist

The onboard terrorist is always nice as pie when others are present and watching them.

But when an opportunity to be destructive to their environment without being caught presents itself to the terrorist, they choose the terrorism option over the option of being well behaved and being good.

Because they are terrorists.

They will always choose to destroy and pillage when they should really be acting in the best interests of their employer’s business.

And then they move on to their next target…

They rarely if ever show concern or empathy for those who stumble into their way.

There you have it…

Well, there you have it, three distinct people characteristics or traits that you really don’t want to be having to deal with.

When you encounter people with these traits, it’s better to remove these people from your circles of movement, rather than attempt to change them.

Trying to change them, or rescuing them, is next to impossible.

Life is too short to tolerate nasty and destructive people….


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