Beware The Serial Grass Cutter….

Some of you may remember that in 2015 I underwent a surgical procedure called shoulder resurfacing.

Shoulder resurfacing is considered to be a partial replacement treatment of sorts, because it’s not a complete replacement of the joint.

Well let me tell you that the surgery still hurts as much as a complete replacement.

The process of shoulder resurfacing is where the head of the humerus bone is replaced by a titanium insert with a pyro-carbon head cover, but the glenoid fossa remains untouched.

The reason resurfacing is offered as a treatment is because complete replacements only last for a finite number of years, and if the patient is young, a resurfacing procedure conserves more bone should a redo be required.

Anyway, because of the shoulder surgery, I chose to give up my golfing for three years.

I stopped playing golf for eighteen months prior to the surgery, because my right shoulder joint was just so unpredictable that my golf became painful, as well as painfully inconsistent.

Following my surgery, full recovery of the new shoulder joint took another eighteen months.

When I returned to golf…

When I returned to playing golf at my Sydney golf club, I was disappointed to find out that one of my good golf buddies had left that club, and moved down to his country town home to live full time.

A couple of years after the operation I had reason to phone my friend for a catch up [let’s call him Steve*], and he filled me in on the recent events that had seen him relocate to the country.

So Steve told me that he had moved to the country full time because he and his wife had separated and divorced.

The reason for the separation was quite shocking.

Apparently Steve and his wife had opened up their home to a male friend of Steve’s who himself was going through some relationship issues and needed a place to stay…. it seemed that with time though, Steve’s friend started “cutting Steve’s grass” and struck up a relationship with Steve’s wife.

When Steve worked this “secret relationship” out, it was game over for him and his wife, and Steve moved on.

And moved out.

And moved away.

End of story.

You’ve got to wonder…

You have to wonder, that with all the dating sites and single women in the world out there, why did Steve’s friend choose to start a relationship with Steve’s wife, rather than look further afield?

The same thing happens in business…

Sometimes business can be a very cutthroat affair, where some people set out to go into a business venture that they know will cause harm to another business.

Or another person.

And that other business might be operated by a person who is a friend, or a relative, or a colleague of the owner of the new business venture.

The owner of the new business may be new to that industry, niche, or location.

And they see opportunity without seeing cause and effect and consequences of their intended actions.

Or maybe they do, but they continue to move ahead anyway…

And so the new venture goes ahead in a process that results in doing harm to the acquaintance’s business.

Instead of thinking of collaboration and abundance, the new business venture only seeks to divide and plunder and destroy.

The harm caused in such a process created by the new business venture may also include a significant amount of self-harm. Results may be hard earned and may be earned at a significant cost to the owner of the new business…

Or results can also include hard fought losses for the new business with permanent injuries and long-lasting scars.

The original existing business may fail, or they may dig deep and survive…

But at what cost…

In reality, sometimes there’s just a lot of really dumb stuff that goes on without any rhyme or reason or long term checks and balances..

Really dumb stuff…

[* Some names have been changed to protect the innocent]


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