Big Shiny Objects? Beware!

A dentist I know really well works in a Dental Office owned by one of the Corporates.

It was his Dental Practice. He sold the ownership to the Corporates some six or seven years ago.

What’s interesting is that the Corporates are currently renovating that Dental Office. New paint. New floors. Moving things around.

The number one response from the patients visiting that practice is….


Which is interesting….

Most of the patients are saying they liked things as they were.

His office manager is having to justify the unjustifiable…

Because, to the patients, the place looked pretty good just as it was.

And that’s the interesting point.

During his time as a dentist, this friend has renovated twice previously.

And both times with good reason. Expansion.

Easily justifiable and demonstrable.

More rooms. More equipment. A better way.

And a lot of agreement and anticipation by the clients and customers.

But change for change sake? Well this can be difficult to explain…

And can be detrimental.

It’s fascinating…. I’ve seen it in clubs and associations.

I’ve seen it where boards have a felt a need to be doing something just to justify their existence.

And sometimes that’s not a good thing.

I’ve seen companies and businesses change websites purely because of their own personal boredom. Without consideration as to why or whether or at all any changes or updates are necessary.

I’ve seen logos reinvented for the sake of a new logo.

When the old logo was doing quite fine.

As a dentist, and dental office owner, I’ve been guilty of change for changes sake myself.

And often it has been in order to chase the next big shiny object.

Without much thought as to whether the object is really needed or not.

And we’re all guilty of this.

I’ve another dentist friend who has a garage at home full up with Big Shiny Dental Objects.

All bought on a whim. Most of which added nothing to his bottom line and often added a millstone to his expenses line.

This friend invites all or any of his younger dentist friends and colleagues who are contemplating a new addition to their office to come visit his garage before signing for that new shiny object.

In terms of image and return on investment, probably the best thing that I’ve done as a dentist in the last ten years is install large screen LED television monitors in each treatment room.

One monitor flat on the ceiling over the patient’s chair, so the patient can easily view this TV during treatment.

A second monitor, wall mounted on the wall at the end of the dental chair, that can be easily viewed by the patient seated in the dental chair.

Both monitors should have input from the treatment room PC, so that they reflect the images being viewed by the dentist on the PC.

This allows the dentist to demonstrate and indicate on his own PC, while the patient watches on a big screen without having to move their head, neck or body, nor move the dental chair.

All on the *BIG SCREEN*.

The return on investment on these screens just as a tool is dramatic.

At other times, the monitor over the patient can play movies and regular television, with text, or with headphones, and act as a visual distraction for the patient during treatment.

And customers, clients and patients view these simple technologies as an indication of a progressive and innovative Dental Office.

Because so many other offices out there *DO NOT* have this technology installed.

And it’s cheap.

Well, relative to other Dental Shiny Objects…



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