Have You Set Your Goals?

“The most important thing is to remember that a goal started is a plan. And a goal that is never started is at best a wish, and at worst, a pipe dream.”

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The Whole Point Of A Google Review Is…..

“Great businesses will seamlessly swing into what we call SERVICE RECOVERY MODE so proficiently that the customers, though initially disappointed, will be amazed at how those businesses go OVER AND ABOVE to make things right.”

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Your Patients Aren’t Nostradamus

“How much presumption and apathy will your patients tolerate, before they say that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, and they decide to leave your practice, and to take their patronage elsewhere?”

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Is This How They Talk To Everybody?

“A lot of dental offices out there don’t record and monitor their phone calls, and therefore have no idea at all as to what’s being said well, and what needs to be said better…. and in reality, that’s a serious and very expensive opportunity cost going straight out the window right there for them… every single minute of every single day….”

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