Building A Better Patient Experience In Your Practice

I love presenting my workshops.

One of my greatest sources of inspiration for me comes from the input I receive my participants at those very workshops.

You see there’ll be many times throughout the day where those attending will, at various stages, each have what I call a *light bulb moment* where all of a sudden the lights come on for them, and the penny drops….

And the planets line up.


It’s rewarding to see participants leaving at the end of each workshop armed with an arsenal of useful tools and binding principles that they can take back to their practices and put into action immediately on the following Monday morning.

It may just be a phrase, or a better way of saying something.

It may be something new?

Or it may be something old that they’d heard before but had somehow forgotten to implement…

Or something they used to be doing that now for some reason they were not doing…

Or it may be a whole new way of doing something…

And best of all, it may be more than only one thing.

But even if it were only one new idea, only one small change, it would be enough of a change that to implement it immediately would result in great variances and improvements in the results achieved compared to implementing the change at a later date…

Or compared to not even implementing the change at all.

A friend of mine used to always say:

“None of us are smarter than all of us.”

And that phrase is exceptionally true at my workshops.

Sometimes some of the best information comes as a result of the group digressing during one of the many questions from the floor.

And sure, you can read a book, read a blog, listen to an audio, or watch a podcast, but there’s something to be said about the dynamics of a group in a group discussion.

When my team built their own version of their Ultimate Patient Experience, and when my clients’ teams build out their versions, it’s the group discussions that really bring the whole thing together so much better than if someone simply got up in front of them and said:

“This is the way we’re going to be doing things from now on.”

Because dictatorship more often than not does not work well.

And the resultant anarchy or mutiny is not pleasant to deal with.

Sure, there needs to be leadership and direction.

But it’s with the right leadership and with respected choices and directions, that we can lead our team to a place where they will come up with the most innovative and effectual contemplations.

And that’s got to be better than any lecture.

The interactions and inter-reactions of team members to each other’s suggestions and comments when we discussed the machinations of each of their roles during each of their individual stages in the Patient Experiences were indeed priceless.

The resultant aggregation of information based upon the multiple inputs and suggestions creates a product uniquely different for each of the practices that I have the privilege to work with.

In a far more positive way than an out and out lecture does.

I’ve found that dental office employees tend to respond in a much better manner when they are initially stressed, rather than when they are simply “going through the motions” of mediocrity.

In my practice, and in other practices that I work with, some of the most inspiring responses from participants have come during the team think-tanks, as we’ve gone over the roles of the team members searching to create those unique points of difference for their patients.

Knowing how to draw the best from your team is the key here.

Using the philosophy of giving them more information does not always result in the best outcomes.

After all, the concept of feeding the horse more oats does not in itself create a faster horse.

A team inspired to create its own change will indeed perform its own metamorphosis.

Creating an environment for those changes is the key.

Masterminding at work, as well as with other like-minded teams who are “on the same page” is a crucial difference that sets the great practices apart from the good practices.

Including the team members in the process is important in creating a better outcome for the team.


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