Business Is About Business.

I remember hearing Lloyd Irwin say years ago:

“Either you do it, or you get someone else to do it. Or guess what? It doesn’t get done!”

Fairly simple straightforward advice.

When organising your list of tasks in your business, you need to work out a few things.

Firstly, you need to work out a complete list of all tasks in your business, and beside each task you need to make a note as to who those tasks can be legally performed by, and who would be best at performing those tasks.

Secondly, we need to make sure that we are delegating evenly amongst the team and NOT overloading one or two team members with an excessive number of duties, while other team members are not being engaged efficiently.

There is also no point in having overqualified people in your business doing simple routine tasks that can be performed by others, while those others are doing nothing, and certainly are not doing the things that the overqualified team members can do.

For example, dentists should be fixing teeth and not filling in lab forms, writing patient notes, and assembling matrix bands. These duties can be performed by clinical support staff.

You also need accountability in your workplace.

This is what Lloyd was referring to.

You cannot do everything yourself, so you must delegate tasks to responsible people.

The phrase:

“But by the time I train someone to do this task, I may as well do it myself.”

Is NOT a valid reason.

So stop saying it.

Hire your team members to ASSIST you in your daily duties.

You are employing them and paying them to help you.

The reason you have employees is to make your life easier.

If they are not helping you then you need to train them, and if that does not work, you need to change them.

Remember “If you do not have an assistant, you ARE the assistant.”

And at a dentist’s hourly rate, that’s pretty dumb business.


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