Business Is About People

Business is about people.

First and foremost, business is about people.

You need them.

You need them to own your business.

You need them to operate your business.


You need them as customers.

You cannot do business with out people.

And you cannot do business without respect and concern for those people.

People Do Business With People They Like.

There are so many people out there in business who are cranky and rude to their customers.

And I’m not sure how they ever stay in business.

Because they could be so much better off if they were nicer, and more pleasant, and more courteous to their customers, than they are being.

But it’s not just about the customers.

Being nice comes from within.

And it needs to be conveyed to all and everyone you encounter.

The aim or goal of every business is to build a gaggle or crowd or herd of happy smiling customers so loyal that they visit more, spend more, buy more and refer more others to your business, more than the average business of your type has.

In dentistry that’s not difficult.

Not difficult at all.

Because in dentistry all you have to do is be nice, and act nice and people will beat a path to your door.

If you can’t be a nice person in business, then you need to surround yourself with nice people and get out of their way.

Well out of their way.

Which is really difficult in dentistry.

Because everyone in the Dental Office has a role, a vital role to play interacting with the customer as they journey through the Dental Office.

As I worked my way through High School and University I worked in two industries.

Actually I only ever had two jobs. Before I became a dentist.

I worked in a Newsagency, and I worked in a licensed club.

And in both jobs, I encountered people working there who were their own worst enemies when it came to dealing with people, and being pleasant.

And in both jobs, I learned, that you need to be putting on your “Happy Face” from the moment you get there to the moment you leave, otherwise people aren’t going to like being around you.

And I saw this in both jobs.

In the newsagency we had two owners.

Well actually the newsagency was owned by two different owners. When I started working there it was a mother and her three adult sons who owned the shop.

And it was a big shop.

Newspapers, gambling, toys, stationery, cards, wrap, pens. You name it they had it.

But within a year of me starting there the store was onsold to two brother-in-laws.  Who were the two owners I was referring to.

And funnily, as I write, these two separated their business agreement and one of the brother-in-laws left the business.

Sadly, it was the nice one who left.

The one who was so pleasant to work for. To be around. To talk to.

And we were left with the other one.

Who was grumpy, moody, surly, and dare I say, insincere.

And the difference in these two was palpable.

It’s interesting, because as I write, I don’t believe any of these three ownerships were stupid.

I mean I don’t believe they were unintelligent.

Who made dumb decisions with business.

Not at all.

And that would be another story.

But I do remember how they all made me feel.

And how they all made their customers feel.

Because when given the choice, my fellow employees and I would all comment that we’d prefer not to work for one boss compared to another.

And maybe that’s just people.

I mean maybe that’s just employees.

Maybe employees are never ever truly happy. Ever happy.

Maybe as an employee I was thinking like an employee.

Like a person who had never been in business or owned a business or had to run a business.

Because maybe I never knew what it was exactly like.

To have to meet targets. And budgets. And loan repayments.

And have margins.

But it was the same again over at the club…

In the licensed club, as an employee, it felt exactly the same.

There were Duty Managers we just never ever liked to work under.

There were managers who inspired us. There were managers who felt like friends.

Like parents.

Like brothers.

And there were managers who made your hair stand on end.

Who snuck around.

Who never ever lifted the team.

Or teams.

And there were other managers who did lift you.

As a person. As a team, as an employee.

So that you would naturally give it your one hundred and twenty percent.

And when it was fun to be at work, it was really fun to serve.

And that’s what the customers wanted.

They wanted service, sure.

But they wanted fun. Smiles. And sincerity.

And at the club, I guess the wanted to escape, too.

But in both these businesses, as in all businesses, the customers just wanted people to be nice to them.

And when they were, I mean when the employees were nice to their customers, the customers loved it.

And they came more often, spent more, and brought more of their friends.

Like we all want customers to do.

But it’s got to come from within.

From within you.

From within your business.

From within and from inside, of your people.

And if you’re not bringing that out, in yourself firstly, and then from within your team, you are your own worst enemy.

Because without nice, you’re really pushing the proverbial uphill.

With a stick.

You’re doing it the hard way.

And with that “weight”, well that makes it even harder to be pleasant.

So take a step back, and reflect.

Are you standing in the way of your own business success?

Are you the surly boss?

Because if you are, you really are your own worst enemy.

And you need to change.

Or get out of your own way.

Probably both….



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