Business Lessons From Harry and Meghan

The recent announcement from The Duke and Duchess of Sussex that they will be retiring from the British Royal Family has highlighted a few things that can happen in every business and need to be kept front of mind

And yes, the British Royal Family is first and foremost a business.

The British Monarchy, as a business, has the role of inspiring and leading the subjects over whom they reign.

And that’s their business.

And their business revolves around stability and solidarity.

Lesson #1.

If there is turmoil on the inside, try to keep it on the inside.

Your business customers don’t need to know about your troubles.

They just want to know that things are “BUSINESS AS USUAL”

Your customers just want their regular product.

Without the drama.

There’s no need to overshare behind the scenes dramas in your business with your customers.

Usually, those in business who do overshare are either the inexperienced, the weak, and the immature.

The strong and the sensible do not overshare.

The strong and the sensible keep their cards close to their chests.

Lesson #2.

The pedigree of company directors needs to be well vetted.

In business, the addition of new partners or board members can be a “breath of fresh air” for a business.

But sometimes the “new blood” can also bring trouble.

With new blood comes new ideas.

New ideas may not always be good ideas.

New ideas may be just that: ideas.

They may only be thoughts without any substance or scientific foundation.

Lesson #3.

Changes from what has been “usual” may not be well accepted by senior management.

New company directors may try to implement changes, state their position, and stamp their authority in a manner that is not usual and customary to the way that the business has been run in the past.

Often the adage:

“Because that’s the way we’ve always done it around here”

needs to be adhered to and considered by new arrivals in the business.

New change may not always be seen as good change.

Lesson #4

If you’re going to make an announcement about your business plans that affects your whole business, probably best to not use Instagram as your first choice of medium.

And also might be wise to let your business colleagues have a “heads up” before you go telling it all to the world.

Nothing gets peoples goat up more than reading about things in the newspapers and the press that they should have been told first hand.

Again, using the media, or social media to spruik an announcement to the world before sharing the decision firstly with those that you should, shouts of hypocrisy, of immaturity and of downright vindictiveness.

It’s childish and nasty.

And highly unprofessional.


A lot of wisdom can be learned by studying the actions of the Queen.

She’s a seasoned professional.

If she’s made a mistake before, she’s learned from it.

In life, there are a lot of free lessons out there to be learned form observing others.

Many mistakes are made from failing to study history and events.


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