Can You Create A World Class Culture?

Well it’s happened.

In the pinnacle contest of the Australian Rugby League season, Queensland have won the series for the eleventh time in twelve years.

That’s domination.

QLD team celebrate their win , State of Origin NSW Blues vs QLD Maroons Game 3 at ANZ Stadium, Homebush .

This year in particular has been interesting, as the Queensland selectors chose a new look team in game one because of the retirement of several long-term players.

And when that team lost the first game of the three game series, the Queensland selectors did not hesitate to make several changes in an effort to win both the remaining games of this series.

And win them they did.

How did they do this?

How did a side that looked so lost at sea after game one, how did they regroup and win game two and then dominate game three, against a New South Wales team that made no changes at all to its team for all three games.

What was the secret?

Well, I think the first thing was that there is an incredible State pride for Queenslanders when they are selected to represent their state in Rugby League, and this is a quality that New South Wales players and teams over the past twelve years have failed to be able to create or grasp.

It’s a culture.

It’s in their blood.

It’s in their DNA.

It is said that Queenslanders grow an extra leg when they slip on their maroon coloured state team jersey.

And I’d believe it.

During the match there were times when New South Wales were seen to be walking. This is something that Queenslanders would never do. Queenslanders bleed maroon blood for the state.

Queenslanders will bust their humps and play and dig deep until their lungs explode.

Because that’s Queensland state pride.

And that’s what it’s all about….

What can we learn from this?

Firstly, you can’t just flip a switch to create a team culture.
A team culture needs to be developed over time with traditions and with standards that will, and “have always” stood the test of time.

You just can’t create a culture by simply just “adding water”.

Culture is an internal thing. It comes from the inside.

Secondly, accession to the throne is not a given.

Accession needs to be earned and should never be taken for granted.

Just because the Queensland team was aging, doesn’t mean that it was “a matter of time” before New South Wales gained dominance.

If that was the intended script, then nobody told Queensland.

The Queensland team has not been in a “surrender” mood for many years.

There’s a pride that can’t be bottled that Queenslanders allow to permeate to the surface of their skins and of their beings.

And it is this state pride that makes the team such a force.

And this force is difficult to defeat.

How can you develop that Queensland state pride in your dental team?

Are your dental employees willing to bleed for your business?

Will they bleed for each other?

How is their passion for dental excellence, and for providing your patients with a world class customer experience each and every time?

Or are your team simply going through their own motions?

Are your team proud to be at work?

Are they proud to fly the banner for your office?

You must create a culture in your office that is so powerful that people simply *WANT* to come to work for you, and will turn up day in and day out, no matter what, because they believe in your cause.

With passion!!

Last night, in the deciding game of the series, it was obvious to all who watched that one team got it, and one team simply did not.

Interestingly, in life, and in business, there will always be people who get it, and those who never do.

You need to align yourself with the “get it” people and their businesses.

Life is a heck of a lot more satisfying when you’re working with those who get it, and those who want it, rather than those who expect it.

Culture is KING.

Can you create an environment of world class culture in your business?

Branson can. Hsieh can. Disney can. Southwest can.

Queensland Rugby League can.

Why not you?


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