Can You Teach Yourself To Swim?

Life Lesson #1:

Is it possible to teach yourself to swim?

You could watch YouTube videos.

You could read a book.

And maybe you might succeed…

Or maybe you might sink to the bottom “like a stone”…

Or you could hire a swim coach and learn from someone who knows how to do it and knows how to teach it…

Life Lesson #2:

In life, there are good people and there are bad people.

You need to choose who you associate with.

Life Lesson #3:

Nobody magically acquires training on their own.

At work, untrained good people do not magically acquire training to become trained good people.

They just remain untrained.

And with time, they transform from being untrained good people to become untrained bad people.

Because they cannot improve without training.

So they deteriorate….

Life Lesson #4:

It is easier and more sensible to create good systems around bad people, than to wait and wait and wait until you find the right “good people”, and then bring them into bad systems, and then try to implement new systems.

Doing this only confuses new, good people.

Setting up your systems first, and then bringing new people into those systems, is far more productive.

Life Lesson #5:

95% of people do not understand Life Lesson #4.

If you are one of the five percent who do understand Life Lesson #4, there is great opportunity in setting up your business next door to a business owned by one of the 95% who do not.


The un-swimmer drops…

The penny drops…

You choose…


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