Change Does Not Always Result In Improvement

In the dog world, there’s always healthy discussion on the topic of whether or not it’s best to own a dog with a purebred pedigree, or whether it’s better to own a dog that has been crossbred, and mixed.

The thoughts are that purebred dogs have a shorter life expectancy because they come from a limited gene pool.

However, it can be difficult determining the type of “mix” you have in a crossbred dog, and so characteristics of the mixed breed dogs can be less predictable.

A similar thing happens when attempting to improve your business, and also your customer service systems.

You can choose to cherry-pick ideas and thoughts from various sources you see, hear and read, and create a collection of processes that may or may not be totally congruent with the message you’re hoping your business should deliver.

Nor may that end result be congruent with the minds of the audience you are working hard to serve and help.

The thing about working with one source, or one adviser is that this advisor has already done the hard work for you and has worked out what doesn’t work well, and what does work well.

Whereas the bowerbird business owner is constantly collecting new ideas and new concepts and seeing whether these additional concepts might possibly create some improved results.

Often I see this:

The business owner who follows one thought leader always arrives at their business’s chosen destination sooner than the business owner who is constantly adding and adding to what is already working very very well.

And sometimes those extra additions are only thoughts and ideas, and are not tried and proven to be successful with the processes that the business owner may have already implemented successfully.

There are times in life when we need to stop and think…. and be careful about what we are doing and what we are trying to achieve.

Are we trying to achieve change?

Or are we trying to achieve improvement?

Because sometimes change for change’s sake is actually detrimental.

Sometimes during our quest for improvement we sail right by “great” and don’t realise until a long while after, that we had been great, but we let it slide right by…

Other times in our quest for greatness, we forget to check in with someone who could show us the FAST TRACK that we so eagerly seek … if only we stopped and asked them….

Make your decisions wisely, and quickly.

But make them wisely….


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