Choosing The Right Direction For Your Dental Practice In 2021

As we move towards the New Year, the Number One skill we need to be focussing on in our dental practice is helping our valued patients to go ahead with all of the necessary dentistry that we diagnose and treatment plan for them.

When our patients delay or postpone their treatment, for whatever reason, the one thing that is for certain is that their dental condition will only worsen because of that delay.

Time is the enemy.

Necessary dentistry cannot be viewed in the same way as tidying up the spare room or the garage… we cannot simply close the door and return at some undetermined time in the future expecting things to be exactly how we left them.

As time goes by, cavities get bigger, pockets become deeper, tartar continues to build up, and alveolar bone recedes…

It’s a fact of life.

In dentistry, patients who fail to go ahead and fail to complete their necessary diagnosed treatment do so for a number of reasons:

  • They don’t understand what they need to have done
  • They don’t understand what will happen if they fail to have their dental treatment done NOW.
  • They do not see the value in what they will need to pay for the treatment required and the benefits of having that treatment.
  • They want to have their treatment, but cannot see a way of paying for that treatment

The first three points here can be answered simply with the question:

“You don’t want to lose this tooth, do you?”

[Or permutations of the above.]

The consequences of tooth loss [be it one tooth, several teeth, or all remaining teeth] can be logically explained to the majority of the sensible population.

There does exist out there though, a small number of people whose brains reject logic based on firmly entrenched LIMITING BELIEFS….

These people will identify themselves by saying things such as:

“It’s only a tooth.”

“Nobody will see it”

“My mother/father/relative/friend had all their teeth pulled out and it never affected them…”

When we meet these people we must graciously move to the side to allow them to pass by and be on their way without them inflicting mental anguish upon us that may scar us permanently from the encounter.

It is also our moral duty to do whatever we can to protect our team members from these people…

We cannot be all things to all people.

There will always be plenty of people turning up to your dental practice who want you to save their teeth, and restore their smiles, and are willing to replace the behaviours and the habits of their past that resulted in their [present] dental state.

These are the patients you are looking to help.

Do not try to WISH good dentistry upon the whole population.

Some will want your help. Some won’t….


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