The failure of businesses to achieve their full potential of greatness comes down to one simple thing.

Lack of Direction.

If the business lacks direction, then like a river, it simply meanders looking for the point of least resistance to make some weak and feeble progress.


Without a clear purpose, management and staff become unsure and uncertain of what or which is the best way to proceed.

There is no clarity of purpose.

Nobody in the organisation knows what EXACTLY is trying to be achieved.

And as such, with one hundred percent certainty, that non-specific outcome is achieved each and every time.

The business goes NOWHERE.

What is the PURPOSE of your business?

If I woke you up in the middle of the night with a poke in the ribs and a flashlight or torch in the eyes, and I asked you:

“What is the purpose of your business?”

Could you give me a definitive answer?

The purpose of your business should be your business’s Mission Statement.

It should be the Vision for your business.

For my Dental Office it was this:

“To Be Known As The Finest Provider Of World Class Dental Customer Service In Western Sydney.”

And so everything that my business did, that my dentists did, that my team members did, was driven by that mantra.

And everything that we did was held up and compared to that mantra to see that it lived up to it as a standard, THE standard, for what we were trying to achieve.

Do you have a STANDARD to live up to?

Is your dental practice known for its level of service?

Is your dental practice known for its lack of service?

Is your dental practice known for its low prices?

Is your dental practice known for its low prices BUT….?

What do you want your Dental Practice to be known for?

Do you want to be known as:

“They’re OK but….”

Or would you prefer that people said:

“You must go there. They’re not the cheapest dentist in town. But they’re the best….”

By striving to be the best and being known for the best service you will succeed.

It is said that long after people forget what you did for them they will always remember how you made them feel.

And if you make them feel special, as if they are the most important person in the world while you are with them, then they will be your customer for life, always returning and always referring.

It’s as simple as that.

But to do that well, to do that successfully, you need to have that clear vision and mission for your business.

Backing up that Vision Statement and Mission Statement are the clear and concise steps and directions that need to be taken and followed by everyone in your organisation so that the mission can be achieved easily and seamlessly each and every time.

Everybody in the organisation needs to know exactly what to do in each and every situation that can possibly arise.

Both in dealing with customers and patients as well as dealing with each other and with protocols and procedures.

We cannot be operating in silos.

Each and every duty and procedure within the business must relate back to the Mission Statement with clarity as to its purpose in the grand scheme of things.

It is only when we have this connection, this true connection of purpose that we then have clarity as to exactly what we are doing and we understand the true reason why we are striving to achieve that result.

Once we have that purpose, that Mission, then and only then do we have unity, true unity towards that common purpose.

It is then that everything becomes meaningful.

It is then and only then that things become clearer.

It is then that we have truly understood what our clear next step is and why it is so important.

When each and every team member understands their purpose and the importance of their role in the Mission of the business and the direction that this business is heading, it is then that we have true purpose.

Because while ever there are team members who are unsure of their purpose or are not truly motivated, then our business has an Achilles Heel that will always have the potential to let us all down.

For our business to be truly successful there must be no weaknesses within our business.

And the best way to ensure no weaknesses is to create that common purpose, along with that culture of clarity, where everyone knows exactly what they are trying to achieve, and for what purpose.

There is no point in telling people the intricacies of how to do things if they do not understand the purpose of what they need to do and how it fits into the grand scheme of things.

Clarity for all, is king.


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