Common Sense Advice on Human Resources Management.

This week I’ve been reminded of the delicacy that exists in being a “manager” of people.

As an employer, a dentist owner of a Dental Practice sometimes steps into the role of staff management or human resources management without any formal training.

I feel the role of human resources manager [HR manager] is an honour that needs to be earned as opposed to simply being a title that someone can acquire.

That being said the act of purchasing a Dental Office allows someone to acquire the title of HR manager even though that person may be devoid of the skills necessary to run and to “manage” a group of people.

And that group as such could be as small as even just one.

We know that in business sometimes there are decisions that need to be made that can have an impact upon employees that are less than favourable.

Now, I’m not talking about difficulties that can arise during the day to day running of a business. In business there always needs to exist some form of command-and-do relationship, for that business to function and survive.

Provided the tasks are reasonable, and legal, a system of this nature should work fine in any business.

There does not need to be a “committee meeting” between employees to debate the merits of each and every decision and instruction involved in the day-to-day operations of the business.

It is the role of the manager to therefore facilitate any decisions in such a way that the business runs in an harmonious manner.

The end result, and therefore benefit of having such a system, is that employees have a place of employment where they feel that they are contributing and achieving for the betterment of the business, and for the betterment of the customers, and for the betterment of the employees.

Whenever any employee feels that the relationships that exist within the business are skewed away from being “fair” then we do not have complete harmony.

Of course there will always be a need for decisions need to be made within the business.

It is the role of management to ensure that these decisions are equitable and fair.

Sometimes it is necessary to make decisions that improve the functionality of the business that require the removal of employees from roles they have been performing.

So long as these decisions are made in a manner that is logical and explainable, then these are simply events that become necessary for the survival of the business.

Employees need to be aware of these potential situations.

Employees need to be aware that employment in its own right is not a guarantee.

It is purely an offer.

So long as the offer is accepted and enacted upon with ability and achievement, then the business should function well.

So long as decisions in the business are made that reflect recognition of the presence and existence of those abilities and achievements, then the business should grow.

Decisions made that ignore achievement and ability and are illogical cannot be tolerated and should never be allowed to be made.

Injustice has no place in a workplace.

It rips away at the pure heart of the business.

Perpetrators of injustice should be extricated from the business.

These perpetrators are either ignorant of their actions and their subsequent consequences, or they are out and out bullies.

Neither behaviour is acceptable. Neither behaviour should be tolerated.

Sadly, in small business, these poor managerial behaviours are tolerated because of the small nature of the business in itself.

Sometimes, in bigger corporate entities, bullies can survive among the machinations.

Thank goodness these sorts of characters, and behaviours are rare.

Sadly, they still arise from time to time.

Achieving, and over achieving in the workplace, sadly, is no guarantee of employment.

Managers with inadequacies see over-achievers as a threat.

The pure act of an employee achieving can make the bully manager feel threatened and thus react and respond in their usual and illogical and intimidating way.

We all know of managers who behave in this manner.

Provided you are performing your employment roles admirably, you should be encouraged to keep doing so.

Our duty is to ensure that the unfair behaviours of these managers are not allowed to continue.


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