Communication Is A Two-Way Street

Communication is always a two-way street.

It has to be.

It cannot be only one-way.

If it is one-way it is simply indoctrination.

One-way communication is dictatorial indoctrination. Without dialogue, without back and forth between two parties, it is simply blind indoctrination.

For communication to be effective the message sent must be received, and acknowledged and acted upon.

A message sent, and received, without acknowledgement, is worthless.

“If a tree falls in a forest where no man sees it, did it really fall at all?”

In a very similar vein, a message sent, but not appreciated, should probably at best, have never been sent.

Someone sending a message of humour, or a joke, is best to probably see whether the humour they intend to send is appropriate, or warranted, or expected, or will be appreciated, before they simply just go ahead and send it.

Even some plain old “straight” comments or statements may fall flat if the recipient of the message is not in a state, or state of mind, to appreciate the message.

“The batsman must be ready and have taken guard before the bowler commences his run-up.”

In cricket, a bowler cannot just bowl when he feels like it.

In baseball, a pitcher cannot pitch when the pitcher wants to.

And in tennis, the opponent must be ready to receive the serve, before the server can serve.

In life, it is wise not to utter a comment or statement that might offend, before finding out the opinions, beliefs and points of views of those that the message is intended for.

“The unspoken word never offends.”

When the receiver of a message is offended, and declares their offence, an answer of:

“Well that’s just my sense of humour”


“That’s just me.”

is just as offensive as the actual message.

To ignore the opinion of the offended recipient, and brush their opinion aside, is just as offensive an action as the original comment.

Being offensive, speaking offensively, and then being complicit and failing to apologise, or take action to be apologetic, is really an action of a bully.

We don’t need conversational bullies in our society.

A conversational bully speaks to dominate a discussion.

They listen, not to understand, but only to respond.

A conversational bully always has to have the final word.

There is no place for conversational bullies in a service environment.


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